17 Sep 10:07am
Opinion 2

Mid Point Meander Through Hurley Pro...

Mid Point Meander Through Hurley Pro at Trestles

A pin sharp glance through the Hurley Pro as we (roughly) approach the mid point.

16 Sep 09:50pm Wollongong
Roberta Mayanah

Roberta Mayanah posted a photo of Wollongong.


Surfer Zezito Barbosa, Banzai Point, Bulli. Wollongong.
Around 10:00 to 10:35 am, This is a Excellent Left " Reef Break "

16 Sep 06:31pm Durban

Unridden froth monster
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16 Sep 06:20pm Durban
Nic Aberdein Photography

Nic Aberdein Photography's photo of Durban got picked for photo of the day.

Photo of the day

Epic Trade Swell. Mark Wootton on a freight train

16 Sep 04:31pm Plage des Surfeurs
Plage des Surfeurs

South of Martinique

16 Sep 12:20pm
News 17

Better Late than Never – Dungeons...

Better Late than Never – Dungeons Springs to Life

It may be too late for the ASP Big Wave World Tour, but Dungeons lit up.