Another major surf zone starts at Algarrobo where there are a range of rock and sand breaks. El Mejoral is the premium left, which is a powerful left reefbreak behind the encircling rocks close to the yachting pier. It needs to be approaching headhigh and mid tide to start clearing the rocks properly, then when the swell picks up, a new section called Detroit breaks further out and links into the main line-up. Handles proper big swell, plus there is a hollow right known as La Chilena which prefers W-NW swells.

Almost everyone ends up meeting a rock here, but it doesn't stop the crowds forming, especially in summer. Might be some hassling. Long paddle around from the pier for the rights.

  • Mid to High Tide
  • Left-hand break over submerged reef
  • Sand
  • S - NW
  • North Easterly
  • 18 4