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We aim to supply the highest quality watersports equipment, products and advice to all watersports addicts out there - whether you're just getting started or have been ripping for years.

Why Boylo’s?

It’s a personal nickname. When I first got pumped on windsurfing I went to Australia to do a windsurf instructor course with Flying Fish. I can honestly say it changed my life! Spending 9-5 on the water, the people I met, the aussie atmosphere… it was total heaven. My new found windsurf/surf friends started calling me ‘Boylo’ and it stuck. Best of all, every time someone calls me Boylo it reminds me of the adrenaline rush of getting planing in the footstraps for the first time, the buzz of passing my instructor course, the awesome people I met in oz, and what’s really important in life. Which is? Pushing yourself to the limit, trying new things, friends, having fun, making the most of every opportunity, going for it, having a dream and making it happen… that’s what Boylo’s is all about.

What differentiates you from other watersports shops?

As far as I know I’m the first girl to start up a windsurf shop. Boylo’s has a fresh and innovative vibe; it’s run by watersports addicts, for watersports addicts, actively pushing the brands we stock to all watersports enthusiasts out there. We get involved at events, sponsor talented windsurfers and surfers, and most of all look after our customers. You guys are our everything and we’ll bend over backwards to offer a service that exceeds expectations and most importantly gets you looking good on the water! Not only that but we have pros from around the UK working here so that you guys always have the best answers for your questions.

Windsurf equipment by:


Surf equipment & SUPs by:

Ocean & Earth
& many more!

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Clothing by:


All this and much much more... be sure to check out our 'van, car and traveling' products if you've got a summer trip planned - you'll find essential items you hadn't even thought of but will wonder how you ever lived without!

Loyalty Points

We at Boylo’s value our customers – so much so that we reward your loyalty and return visits with money off! Loyalty points are shown for each product, and when you make a purchase these loyalty points are put into your e-wallet. Your points balance, and equating monetary value, can be seen by signing in and clicking on your ‘account’. When you’re ready to cash-in simply go through checkout as normal but tick the “redeem your points on this order” box. If there is a remaining balance this is all you will pay.


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