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Canoa Beach Hotel

21 Rooms, Air Conditioning, Poolside Bar, Oceanfront Lodging, Book Your Stay Now! Teachers on site for Surf Lessons, Paragliding, and Spanish Language

Canoa Beach Hotel offers many of the modern ammenities we have all come to expect without losing its wonderful, laid back, backpackers and surfers vibe. Canoa Beach Hotel is the best place to stay in our beautiful, little fishing village.

The coastal lowlands of Ecuador offer many great places to visit. However, Canoa Beach has become a favorite among backpackers and surfers. Canoa Beach has long, dramatic stretches of sandy beaches with waves crashing. There are cliffs that engulf the area and provide a beautiful backdrop to a stunning scene. Canoa Beach offers a wide range of things to do. While staying at Canoa Beach Hotel you can lay on the beautiful beach soaking up the sun, enjoy a book, learn to surf, paraglide from the cliffs over the town, take a mountain bike tour, or enjoy a good meal, drink, and make some great new friends.

Canoa Beach Surf Shak

The Surf Shak is Canoa Beach's central hub for locals and travellers. A great place to sit back, have a drink, a bite to eat and meet some new friends.The Surf Shak is also the main place to find out about any lessons or tours in the area as well. They are home to Canoa Thrills, a local group of tour guides and teachers for the many great activities that Canoa offers.

Surfing And Surf Lessons

Surfboards are available for rental from the Surf Shak, an unmistakable central hub for the town. Surf Lessons are available through the Surf Shak or our own Greg Gilliam. The boards can be rented with the following options:

Skimboards: $2.00 per Hour & $6.00 All Day
Bodyboards: $3.00 per Hour & $8.00 All Day
Fins: $1.00 per Hour & $3.00 All Day
Fun/Longboards: $5.00 per Hour & $15.00 All Day $60.00 For a Week
Surf Lessons: $15.00 for 1.5 Hours, Includes Board and Rash Guard

Fly Canoa, Paragliding Lessons

If you would like to sail above our beautiful Canoa Beach than just sign up. You can float above the 17 km of beach that runs from San Vincente to Canoa looking down at the little village 150 meters below. Tandem flights with an experienced, certified guide are offered daily for about $30. There are classes that are offered if you would like to fly solo. Fly Canoa is hosted by Canoa Beach Hotel's own Greg Gilliam. He is a certified P-4 rated pilot with over 12 years flight experience.


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