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Cayucos Guide

About Cayucos

Fairly reliable, hollow beachbreak, the best wave being the fast, thin right on the south side of the pier when the sandbar is properly shaped. Although often a close-out, can handle up to a few feet overhead with peakier swells. The lefts can get really good with summertime S swells. Blows offshore on a N wind, making the pier a popular surf spot in spring.

Shoreline structures (seawalls) appear to be threatening the surf around the Cayucos beaches. Parking nearby the break with all facilities.

User Rating
  • Stormrider Guide for Cayucos
  • Mid to High Tide Mid to High Tide
  • Pier, Groyne or Jetty with Peaks Pier, Groyne or Jetty with Peaks
  • Sand Sand
  • S - W S - W
  • North Easterly North Easterly
  • 10 2 Swell Range 2 - 10ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview