Curl Curl Surf Report and Forecast

Today's Tide - Curl Curl Time Times for Curl Curl
Low 1:37AM 0.52ft
High 7:35AM 4.62ft
Low 1:18PM 0.92ft
High 7:40PM 6.13ft
First Light 6:24AM
Sunrise 6:50AM
Sunset 5:11PM
Last Light 5:38PM

Tide Location Camp Cove, Australia - 4.40km away Help

About Curl Curl

Curl Curl is an exposed beach, picking up the most swell on the Northern Beaches and works reasonably well in most conditions, although it’s rarely perfect. Best days will be on peaky E swells, groomed... more

Surf Forecasting help for Curl Curl

A detailed long range Curl Curl Surf forecast, surf report and (where available) surf webcams. This surf forecast will be useful for both Curl Curl and nearby surf spots in the New South Wales area. The information here is carefully calibrated and checked, please do read the surf forecasting help information first which will give you a good idea how to start interpreting this information.

Hourly Surf Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather Prob.
Fri 07/25 12am 2ft 1.9ft 8s 150.54° 0.4ft 18s 1.6ft 4s 15 21 mph Clear 60°f N/A
3am 1-2ft 1.7ft 8s 151.09° 1.3ft 4s 1ft 3s 14 19 mph Clear 56°f 75%
Fri 07/25 6am 1-2ft 1.6ft 8s 151.16° 1.4ft 5s 1.1ft 3s 13 16 mph Sunny 54°f 75%
9am 1-2ft 1.4ft 8s 150.79° 1.4ft 5s 1.9ft 3s 14 20 mph Fair 58°f 55%
Noon 1-2ft 1.3ft 8s 151.27° 1.4ft 5s 2ft 3s 16 26 mph Light Rain 60°f 55%
3pm 1-2ft 1.1ft 8s 151.3° 1.1ft 5s 1.9ft 4s 15 24 mph Cloudy 66°f 50%
6pm 1-2ft 1ft 8s 152.14° 1ft 5s 1.9ft 4s 16 21 mph Cloudy 66°f 50%
9pm 1ft 0.9ft 8s 152.11° 0.9ft 5s 2ft 4s 17 20 mph Mostly Clear 62°f 55%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 1:37AM 0.52ft
High 7:35AM 4.62ft
Low 1:18PM 0.92ft
High 7:40PM 6.13ft
First Light 6:24AM
Sunrise 6:50AM
Sunset 5:11PM
Last Light 5:38PM
Sat 07/26 12am 1ft 0.8ft 8s 153.46° 0.9ft 5s 2ft 4s 15 18 mph Light Showers 60°f 55%
3am 1ft 0.7ft 8s 153.93° 1.6ft 5s 1.4ft 3s 14 17 mph Light Showers 58°f 85%
Sat 07/26 6am 1ft 0.7ft 8s 154.67° 1.5ft 5s 1ft 3s 10 11 mph Light Rain 57°f 85%
9am 1ft 0.6ft 12s 184.83° 1.4ft 5s 0.9ft 3s 11 13 mph Light Showers 57°f 95%
Noon 1ft 0.7ft 12s 183.65° 1.2ft 5s 1ft 3s 11 15 mph Brief Showers Possible 61°f 95%
3pm 1ft 0.7ft 12s 183.35° 1.1ft 6s 1.2ft 3s 11 17 mph Sunny 65°f 90%
6pm 1ft 0.8ft 11s 182.92° 1.2ft 7s 1.9ft 4s 16 19 mph Clear 63°f 90%
9pm 1ft 0.9ft 11s 178.32° 1.1ft 6s 2.5ft 4s 17 21 mph Clear 59°f 90%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 2:11AM 0.36ft
High 8:09AM 4.72ft
Low 1:52PM 0.79ft
High 8:13PM 6.17ft
First Light 6:23AM
Sunrise 6:50AM
Sunset 5:12PM
Last Light 5:39PM
Sun 07/27 12am 1ft 0.9ft 11s 178.57° 1ft 6s 2.5ft 4s 17 21 mph Clear 56°f 90%
3am 1ft 0.9ft 10s 179.18° 0.9ft 6s 2.5ft 4s 15 19 mph Clear 55°f 100%
Sun 07/27 6am 1ft 1ft 10s 177.48° 0.7ft 6s 2ft 4s 13 15 mph Sunny 54°f 100%
9am 1ft 1ft 10s 177.14° 1.9ft 4s 0.6ft 6s 12 13 mph Sunny 55°f 81%
Noon 1ft 2ft 5s 186.71° 0.8ft 10s   8 9 mph Sunny 60°f 81%
3pm 1-2ft 2.5ft 6s 178.6° 0.9ft 10s   2 2 mph Sunny 61°f 86%
6pm 2-3ft 3ft 7s 178.91° 0.4ft 13s   6 6 mph Clear 60°f 86%
9pm 2-3ft 3ft 8s 180.13° 0.6ft 12s   5 5 mph Clear 61°f 95%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 2:42AM 0.26ft
High 8:41AM 4.82ft
Low 2:26PM 0.69ft
High 8:45PM 6.17ft
First Light 6:22AM
Sunrise 6:49AM
Sunset 5:13PM
Last Light 5:39PM
Mon 07/28 12am 2-3ft 3ft 8s 182.85° 0.7ft 12s   11 12 mph Clear 55°f 95%
3am 1-2ft 3ft 8s 188.7° 0.8ft 12s   12 13 mph Clear 50°f 75%
Mon 07/28 6am 1-2ft 1ft 11s 156.84° 2.5ft 8s   11 12 mph Sunny 48°f 75%
9am 1-2ft 1.1ft 11s 156.91° 2ft 7s   11 12 mph Sunny 49°f 90%
Noon 1-2ft 1.1ft 11s 156.72° 1.7ft 6s   10 12 mph Sunny 58°f 90%
3pm 1-2ft 1.2ft 11s 156.31° 1.3ft 6s 0.5ft 2s 8 13 mph Sunny 65°f 100%
6pm 1-2ft 1.3ft 11s 156.57° 1.1ft 5s 1ft 2s 14 18 mph Mostly Cloudy 65°f 100%
9pm 1-2ft 1.3ft 10s 155.02° 0.8ft 5s 1.6ft 4s 14 17 mph Mostly Cloudy 60°f 50%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 3:13AM 0.2ft
High 9:13AM 4.92ft
Low 3:00PM 0.66ft
High 9:18PM 6.1ft
First Light 6:22AM
Sunrise 6:48AM
Sunset 5:13PM
Last Light 5:40PM
Tue 07/29 12am 1-2ft 1.4ft 10s 156.83° 1.4ft 5s 1.4ft 3s 15 19 mph Mostly Cloudy 57°f 50%
3am 1-2ft 1.4ft 10s 153.59° 1.5ft 5s 1.3ft 3s 14 18 mph Mostly Cloudy 55°f 80%
Tue 07/29 6am 1-2ft 1.4ft 10s 151.8° 1.4ft 5s 1.3ft 3s 14 18 mph Overcast 55°f 80%
9am 1-2ft 1.3ft 10s 150.64° 1.4ft 5s 1.5ft 3s 16 21 mph Overcast 57°f 100%
Noon 1-2ft 1.2ft 10s 150.38° 0.6ft 6s 2ft 3s 17 22 mph Cloudy 64°f 100%
3pm 1-2ft 1ft 10s 149.83° 1.7ft 3s 1.4ft 5s 16 21 mph Sunny 67°f 95%
6pm 1-2ft 0.9ft 10s 148.94° 0.7ft 5s 2.5ft 4s 21 26 mph Clear 65°f 95%
9pm 1ft 0.6ft 9s 150.93° 0.6ft 5s 2.5ft 4s 18 24 mph Clear 60°f 65%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 3:43AM 0.2ft
High 9:45AM 4.99ft
Low 3:35PM 0.66ft
High 9:50PM 5.97ft
First Light 6:21AM
Sunrise 6:48AM
Sunset 5:14PM
Last Light 5:41PM
Wed 07/30 12am Flat 0.5ft 9s 200.51° 0.5ft 5s 2ft 4s 16 21 mph Clear 56°f 65%
3am 1ft 0.4ft 7s 144.86° 0.5ft 9s 1.9ft 4s 15 17 mph Clear 53°f 62%
Wed 07/30 6am Flat 0.3ft 7s 143.79° 0.3ft 9s 1.8ft 3s 15 17 mph Sunny 51°f 62%
9am Flat 0.3ft 11s 76.4° 0.3ft 4s 1.7ft 3s 14 17 mph Sunny 52°f 38%
Noon Flat 0.3ft 11s 76.04° 0.3ft 13s 1.4ft 3s 11 16 mph Sunny 64°f 38%
3pm Flat 0.3ft 11s 75.99° 0.4ft 12s 1.1ft 3s 10 15 mph Sunny 69°f 56%
6pm Flat 0.3ft 11s 75.31° 0.5ft 11s 1.2ft 3s 13 15 mph Clear 66°f 56%
9pm Flat 0.7ft 11s 198.84° 0.3ft 11s 1.4ft 3s 14 16 mph Clear 60°f 39%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 4:13AM 0.26ft
High 10:18AM 5.05ft
Low 4:10PM 0.75ft
High 10:23PM 5.77ft
First Light 6:20AM
Sunrise 6:47AM
Sunset 5:15PM
Last Light 5:41PM
Thu 07/31 12am Flat 0.7ft 11s 199.57° 0.4ft 11s 1.5ft 3s 15 18 mph Clear 55°f 39%
3am 1ft 0.5ft 18s 189.83° 0.6ft 11s 1.8ft 3s 16 19 mph Clear 53°f 34%
Thu 07/31 6am 1ft 0.6ft 17s 190.23° 0.6ft 10s 2ft 4s 19 23 mph Sunny 53°f 34%
9am Flat 0.5ft 14s 194.26° 0.5ft 10s 2.5ft 4s 21 27 mph Sunny 58°f 44%
Noon 1ft 0.6ft 13s 193.15° 0.4ft 17s 3ft 4s 20 28 mph Sunny 65°f 44%
3pm 1ft 0.7ft 13s 192.46° 0.4ft 16s 3ft 4s 20 30 mph Sunny 67°f 43%
6pm 1ft 0.9ft 12s 190.88° 0.4ft 10s 3.5ft 4s 26 40 mph Clear 64°f 43%
9pm 1ft 1ft 12s 190.77° 0.4ft 10s 4ft 5s 27 44 mph Clear 62°f 47%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 4:44AM 0.39ft
High 10:52AM 5.08ft
Low 4:47PM 0.92ft
High 10:57PM 5.51ft
First Light 6:20AM
Sunrise 6:46AM
Sunset 5:16PM
Last Light 5:42PM
Fri 08/01 12am 1ft 1ft 12s 190.42° 0.3ft 10s 4.5ft 5s 27 44 mph Clear 62°f 47%
3am 1ft 1ft 12s 190.18° 2ft 5s 3.5ft 4s 23 34 mph Clear 61°f 28%
Fri 08/01 6am 1ft 1.8ft 7s 41.54° 2.5ft 4s 1.2ft 5s 15 22 mph Sunny 56°f 28%
9am 1ft 1ft 12s 189.27° 2ft 8s 2ft 4s 15 19 mph Sunny 53°f 26%
Noon 1ft 0.9ft 11s 188.47° 2ft 8s 1.8ft 4s 13 19 mph Sunny 56°f 26%
3pm 1ft 1ft 11s 190.12° 1.9ft 8s 2ft 6s 15 19 mph Sunny 59°f 19%
6pm 1ft 1.4ft 11s 194.41° 1.6ft 8s 2.5ft 4s 19 20 mph Clear 56°f 19%
9pm 1-2ft 1.7ft 11s 194.77° 1.3ft 7s 3ft 5s 19 21 mph Clear 52°f 19%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 5:15AM 0.56ft
High 11:27AM 5.12ft
Low 5:26PM 1.12ft
High 11:32PM 5.22ft
First Light 6:19AM
Sunrise 6:45AM
Sunset 5:16PM
Last Light 5:43PM

Extended Surf Forecast for Curl Curl Area

Sat 08/02 12am 1-2ft 2ft 11s 193.47° 3ft 5s 1.3ft 7s 18 21 mph Clear 51°f 19%
3am 2-3ft 4.5ft 11s 198.51° 1.1ft 7s   21 25 mph Brief Showers Possible 52°f 5%
Sat 08/02 6am 2-3ft 6ft 7s 189.73° 0.9ft 6s   23 26 mph Brief Showers Possible 52°f 5%
9am 3-4ft 7ft 7s 188.39° 0.7ft 6s   26 29 mph Light Showers 52°f 5%
Noon 3-5ft 7.5ft 8s 186° 0.6ft 7s   25 28 mph Brief Showers Possible 53°f 5%
3pm 3-5ft 7.5ft 8s 183.81° 0.5ft 7s   24 27 mph Brief Showers Possible 54°f 8%
6pm 3-5ft 7ft 8s 181.78° 0.5ft 6s   24 26 mph Brief Showers Possible 55°f 8%
9pm 3-5ft 6.5ft 8s 179.5° 0.5ft 7s   24 25 mph Light Showers Possible 56°f 9%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
Low 5:48AM 0.75ft
High 12:06PM 5.12ft
Low 6:10PM 1.34ft
First Light 6:18AM
Sunrise 6:44AM
Sunset 5:17PM
Last Light 5:43PM
Sun 08/03 12am 3-5ft 6.5ft 8s 177.77° 0.5ft 8s   23 25 mph Brief Showers Possible 57°f 9%
3am 3-5ft 6.5ft 8s 176.72° 0.6ft 8s   23 25 mph Brief Showers Possible 58°f 15%
Sun 08/03 6am 3-5ft 6.5ft 8s 175.99° 0.7ft 8s   23 25 mph Brief Showers Possible 59°f 15%
9am 3-5ft 6ft 8s 175.56° 0.8ft 8s   23 25 mph Brief Showers Possible 59°f 17%
Noon 3-5ft 6ft 8s 175.24° 0.8ft 7s   22 24 mph Brief Showers Possible 60°f 17%
3pm 3-4ft 5ft 8s 172.61° 2.5ft 10s 0.8ft 7s 22 24 mph Light Showers 60°f 25%
6pm 3-5ft 5.5ft 10s 174.21° 0.5ft 18s 0.8ft 8s 21 23 mph Light Showers 60°f 25%
9pm 3-5ft 5ft 10s 173.86° 0.8ft 8s   21 22 mph Light Showers 60°f 33%
Tide and daylight times for Curl Curl
High 12:10AM 4.92ft
Low 6:25AM 0.95ft
High 12:49PM 5.08ft
Low 6:59PM 1.57ft
First Light 6:17AM
Sunrise 6:43AM
Sunset 5:18PM
Last Light 5:44PM
Mon 08/04 12am 3-5ft 5ft 10s 173.51° 0.9ft 8s   19 20 mph Light Showers 60°f 33%

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