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Freeline Since 1992!

Freeline has been providing surfers with the unique experience of traveling in small groups to remote & exotic locations, surfing excellent & uncrowded waves while experiencing the culture of Indonesia away from the tourist influence. Freeline originated from a dream of an Indo surfing lifestyle and a desire to show surfers, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, to get a taste of the adventure and experiences that long term Indo surfers & explorers enjoy.

From a single overland tour to West Java we've grown to be able to offer tours covering the length of the archipelago, both overland and by boat, which you can check out on these pages.

Our priority is surf, adventure and fun. We are dedicated to giving you the best service and holiday we can but we are not big on luxury, preferring to show it how it is. If we can style it from time to time we will but mostly we're among the locals and looking for good uncrowded waves, and aiming to send you home with some unforgettable memories and new friends.

Let us take care of the arrangements while you just surf, kick back and enjoy the surroundings.


The main feature of Baneng Island Retreat is "uncrowded exclusivity". It is almost unheard of for more than six guys to be in the water at a time, just you and your mates. We don't have a Desert Point, Nias or G-Land, so hot surfers wanting to push the limits and surf the best waves on the planet would be better off elsewhere.

There are various breaks on the southern tip of the island. One km from your accommodation is Dylan's right, a user friendly, fun, hollow reef break. On the south coast, which picks up all the swell, is a left point and left-right peak. So if Dylan's is too small there are other options. Or if you're keen to explore ,the drive up the north coast is incredible, scattered with bays, headlands and reefs. Waves are still being discovered and you could be part of it.

Banyaks, Nias & Beyond

All the islands south of Simeulue, including Babi and the Banyaks, have waves, and you need to be on a good charter boat to get to them.

A typical charter includes the Simeulue, Banyaks, the Hinakos (Asu & Bawa), as well as the breaks on Nias. Telos is also an option. Let your captain know where you would like to go and they will work out a plan with you, given the the conditions and your preferences.


Surfers should try to visit the Mentawais at least once in their lives, home to many world class waves including HT's, Lances Left, Macaronis, Rags Left & Right, Thunders, Telescopes, E-Bay, just to name a few. This area is well documented in various travel books, magazines and videos.

Our captains have extensive experience in the area and will not only get you to the well known breaks, but will also take you less crowded breaks to get some surf to yourselves. Just work in with your captain, and depending on swell, winds and movements of other boats, you can work out where to go.

South Sumatra

Freeline pioneered this area in 1993 and has operated tours each year since. Nev was the guide, we stayed in the local town of Krui and drove each day to the various breaks in the area, depending on swell conditions. It was hard core travel.

Today you have the relative luxury and convenience of being based for the duration of the tour at 'Ombak Indah' losmen situated right in front of 'Ujung Bocur, the longest, most consistent wave in the area. This left-hander handles most swells and offers something for everyone. There are about 10 quality waves in this beautiful area, that is often compared to how Bali was 30 years ago. Those on the Premium Package have a Surf Guide and vehicle on standby, ready to chase the other waves in the area.

Panatian Island

Panaitan Island is one of the LEAST crowded places in Indonesia when it comes to consistent, quality surf. The waves are generally serious, challenging and hollow! Most of the breaks in this area can only be reached by boat, so this is the best way to surf the area.

Do not be concerned about exclusivity battles between land camps and yacht charters. 'Just Dreaming' has all the rights in the world for their guests to surf here and will put you in the line up at the best locations.
Panaitan Island is home to One Palm Point, a long, fast and hollow left, and Apocalypse, very intense right. Other waves include Napalms, a fun barreling left located inside the bay, Illusions, a right hand point break that is not as reckless as the left at One Palm Point, but just as perfect.

West Java

Overland tour to the uncrowded west coast of Java. The surf is generally consistent and offshore and there is variety of lefts and rights, ranging from fairly mellow to hollow. There's no real long paddles & minimal crowds.

South Java

Please note that Java Cove is very popular with the domestic non-surfing market and books out way in advance so BOOK EARLY.

Waves in this area are suitable for surfers who want to get amongst Indo’s tropical warm water offerings but aren’t into grunty overhead reef breaks. It's a perfect for for beginner to intermediate surfers with mostly fun waves around the 2-4 foot mark on offer. However there’s some more challenging breaks around on the right conditions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take in the natural and cultural attractions on offer in this amazing part of Indonesia. This trip’s the ultimate mix of surf and culture so it’s perfect for non-surfing partners or family as well! From pick up to drop off you’ll be taken care of so you can just kick back and make the most of your hassle-free holiday.

Bali Introduction

This package takes care of all the hassles first timers usually go through and makes the learning experience relatively pain free. We'll make sure you get maximum surf time and see Bali as it really is. You'll also gain contacts and info that usually takes several trips to get, stuff that will be invaluable for any future trips to Bali/Indonesia.

Your Balinese guide will show and advise you on the breaks most suited to the conditions, your abilities and crowds. Surf all the well know waves (Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Bingin etc) or lesser known spots further afield.

Lombok Sumbawa Boat

This trip takes you to following islands and breaks east of Bali including:

Nusa Lembongan: Shipwrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds
Lombok: Desert Point and all breaks along the south coast
West Sumbawa: Scar Reef, Super Suck, Yo-Yo's plus others.

Such range of waves caters for surfers or all abilities and unlike the local Indonesian charter boats, Sri Noa Noa takes the south coast of Lombok giving you access to breaks like Belongas, Maui and Ekas pretty much guaranteeing you some empty or uncrowded sessions. Your captain has extensive experience in the area and will get you to the best waves on the given conditions.

Sumba Boat Tour

This is an epic charter covering some very remote surf spots in the eastern end of the archipelago. Starting in Kupang, you will spend a few days around Roti (see Timor Boat page for more details on the surf in this area) before heading westward to the beautiful islands Sawu and Raijua, which have classic surf on the right conditions.

From Raijua the here journey continues westward to Sumba. Starting at the southern most point you will explore the coastline, past Mengkudu & neighbouring islands all the way to the western most point before finally disembarking in Waikelo on the sheltered north-west part of the island.

Timor Boat Tour

The surf on Roti is consistent and offshore, there are a variety of lefts and some good rights when the trades aren't too strong. Waves suit all standards, ranging from mellow to hollow.

You will most likely make base at Nembrala, the longest and most consistent left in the area. From here you have the choice of about 6 other waves (lefts and rights) within a 2 hour radius. Your captain Heri, knows the place very well, so you just work in with him to decide where to surf.


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