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Sumba - Rote Charter

This is an epic charter covering some very remote surf spots in the eastern end of the archipelago. Starting in Kupang, you will spend a few days around Rote (see Timor Boat page for more details on the surf in this area) before heading westward to the beautiful islands Sawu and Raijua, which have classic surf on the right conditions. From Raijua the here journey continues westward to Sumba. Starting at the southern most point you will explore the coastline, past Mengkudu & neighbouring islands all the way to the western most point before finally disembarking in Waikelo on the sheltered north-west part of the island.

This trip is not for the faint hearted as the surf can get big, there's a couple of overnight crossings of open waters and some of the anchorages along the coast of Sumba are fairly average. You are however guaranteed a unique surf adventure with plenty of good waves, both lefts and rights, excellent fishing and amazing culture.

Your captain Heri and the Sri Noa Noa has been taking this route for many years. In fact, it was aboard the Sri Noa Noa in 1993 that big wave legend Mike Miller and friends named the right at Terimbang. But that's another story.....

Rote Island Land Camps

Malole Surf House

Malole Surf House offers a sensational surfing holiday with one of the best left-hand breaks in Indonesia right out your front door. Indian Ocean ground swells provide the juice to light up Rote's southwest shore with world-class surf, combined with dominant E-SE trade winds which blow offshore from April to October. In the event the wind shifts, or you come in the shoulder season, there are several wrapping island breaks in the area, which are offshore on a westerly.

There’s always a wave somewhere. Surf variety is excellent, with waves that suit beginners and advanced surfers alike. Swells range between 4-8ft faces rising to over 15ft regularly. Your surf guide will make sure you’re at the right spot at the right time and introduce you to epic waves, this captivating island and its charming, hospitable people.

Anugrah Homestay

Anugrah Homestay offers a comfortable, budget priced surfing holiday to the beautiful island of Rote, home of Nembrala (T-land),one of the longest and most consistent best lefts in Indonesia. There's about 10 waves, lefts and rights, to suit all levels of surfing from beginners to intermediates. Swells range between 4-8ft faces rising to over 15ft on occasions.

The trade winds are very consistent, making every day offshore. Rote is surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and bays shaded by coconuts trees. It is compared to Bali 30 years ago. Rote is a great place to just chill out, surf, sun and swim.


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