The town of Haleiwa provides a variety of facilities and amenities and is the commercial centre of the North Shore as well as being the breeding ground for many of the best Hawaiian talents, both past and present. Pulling up at the Ali'i Beach Park on a small day may be deceptive as broken peaks look easy, but when an overhead W-NW swell hits, a challenging, powerful right jumps the reef, outputting lightning fast walls and hollow hooks through to a shallow, inside shutdown section called the 'Toilet Bowl'.

Crazy crowds are guaranteed as is getting plenty of sets on the head trying to fight the ever-present rip. Experts only at size while beginners can ride the shorebreak reforms.

  • All Tides
  • Right-hand break over submerged reef
  • Sand
  • W - NW
  • South Easterly
  • 20 3