Works on W-NW swells and offers a bit of N wind protection. Classic days can hold up nicely and be more hollow than Bore, if the swell is lining up. Unfortunately this is rare and Bore is always bigger.

Consistent, sometimes crowded and pay to park in summer. Good diving/snorkelling at north end - kelp forests, caves, but beware the currents.

The scenary is beatiful at the northern end at the beach, where beatiful diving/snorkeling opportunities when the swell is off. Underwater kelp forests, colourful sponges and other marine life, and if you put some research into it you may discover some of the magnificent underwater caves here. Beware of the currents, though!

Check out the fantastic house in the northern end of the beach! This is the home of the youngest grommet surfing regularly in Norway, a 10 year old guy who you most likely will see in the water at Hellestø, if the surf is up.

Hellestø is about 10 min's drive north of Bore.

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