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Island Path Panama for Surfing, Fishing, Eco Tours in Bocas Del Toro Panama

The resort's view

On a remote corner of the Caribbean Sea lies Bocas Del Toro, a pristine group of Islands that
are the perfect place to surf, fish, dive or discover the beauty of a truly virgin rain forest in Panama.

High up in the hills outside of town, perched on the pinnacle of the highest hill is a small resort
overlooking the rain forest and the Caribbean.........The Island Path Panama resort.

The Island Path Panama resort's mission is to ensure guests experience all that this unique part of the
world has to offer.

The Resort

The Cabanas© 2009 - Island Path Panama

The Island Path Panama resort is high in the hills with sweeping views of both the Caribbean and the jungle. The rooms are set on the edge of a breezy ravine, looking directly into the forest. Because we are in the jungle, the animal and bird life we enjoy makes our resort unique. Yes, you'll see parrots and most likely, Howler monkeys. You'll feel "out there"......... yet, you are only 1/2 mile from the ocean and town is a quick 5 minute drive. No other resort offers the ease of getting to Bocas town, with the remote experience of the jungle as we do.

Views of the Rainforest and Caribbean© 2009 - Island Path Panama

Our accommodations sleep two per cabana. With AC, full bath and a large deck overlooking the rain forest, you'll be comfortable in your rain forest home.

Your private deck© 2009 - Island Path Panama

At the top of the hill is a small restaurant that has stunning views and great food. Nothing beats an ice cold beer with Ceviche after a full day in the water.

People come to Bocas Del Toro for different reasons. Most come to see the rain forest, surf, dive or go fishing. Others come for the town's Caribbean vibe and night life. We cater to small groups of four guests at a time that come to surf, fish, dive or tour the islands and the rain forests.

Given our mission is to ensure our guests experience all that this unique part of the world has to offer, we plan your trip around your purpose for coming, and give you exactly what you came for.

Surfing in Bocas Del Toro

Surfing in Bocas Del Toro, Panama is different from surfing in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua or other places in Central America. The surf here is island/reef surf, similar to what a surfer might find in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean.

Much has been written about surfing in Bocas Del Toro and Panama over the recent years. Surfing Magazine, Storm Riders and Surfer Magazine have all featured Bocas Del Toro. We'll let you be the judge of the media, but the three qualities they got right about Bocas are:

* Consistent Swell
* Quality and Powerful Surf
* A Tropical Surfing Experience

We will add that surfing in Bocas Del Toro is also scalable, it is not just for hell-men. If you are an advanced or professional level surfer, Bocas has the goods........OR......if you are a beginner or a surfer that wants to up your ante, Bocas has great surf spots for you as well.

Secret Spot on a remote island

Island Path Panama's job is to get you to the right spot for your abilities.

We offer tours to the local known spots as well as tours to the outer island surfing spots.......trust us, there are places to surf in Bocas Del Toro where you can surf alone.

From December to March and from June to August, you'll get great surf. And if you want remote, uncrowded waves, we know where to find them.

Carenaro Barrel


pulling in

The drop

Remote, uncrowded breaks

Secret Spot on a remote island

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