On rare occasions, waves can be surfed inside the channel entrance, but more likely, the south side of the jetty will break in big S or SE windchop. Lefts and rights on all tides. North of here the Coastguard will prevent people poaching the obviously good waves peaking along the coast of the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

Low consistency, often crowded, estuary pollution, and large commercial shipping carrying the odd rocket or space shuttle fuel tank means Jetty Park isn’t high on the Brevard County hit list. If you see a large, dark gray shape in the water, you may have spotted one of the few remaining manatees that live in the Canaveral National Seashore.

  • All Tides
  • Left off a Pier, Groyne or Jetty
  • Sand
  • E - S
  • Westerly
  • 10 4