Josiah’s Bay is the most consistent beachbreak and unlike Cane Garden, this beach is slightly off the beaten track, attracting more cows than sunbathers. The quality of the wave depends on the shape of the sandbanks, but there’s always something to ride on a small day, including a long right, ideally suited for longboarding. Another advantage is that it can hold loads of surfers but unfortunately it stinks when the swell gets overhead. There are more waves on the island, including powerful beachies in remote, roadless locations and the odd fickle reef in town. Finding them would require boating along the coast or making friends in the small local surfing community.

Despite it's high consistency, it's rarely crowded.

  • Mid to High Tide
  • Peaky Beachbreak
  • Sand
  • NW - NE
  • North Easterly
  • 6 1