The famous wave of the ‘60s has disappeared with the Adour jetty constructions and extensions. Peaks still form between the jetties that filter the swell and somewhat block cross-shore winds. Conditions need to be moderate to heavy swell to start breaking with any power and any high tide will kill it or create a death shorepound. Ranges from fat slopey lefts and the odd right to seriously big tow-in walls on the outside.

There is also a rarer left that barrels hard off the tip of the short northern jetty, but rips and degree of difficulty make it an expert or bodyboard only spot. Will get very packed when the other Anglet beaches are windy and closed-out. Unfortunately the vicinity of the rivermouth ensures sickening levels of residential and industrial pollution. There are lakes, promenades and a large campervan parking site behind the beach.

  • Low to Mid Tide
  • Left off a Pier, Groyne or Jetty
  • Sand
  • W - N
  • Easterly
  • 15 2