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Nicaragua has become known for its offshore winds, which go almost all year long. We are located at the northern most part of the Pacific coast where the consistent winds occur.

There are waves in this area for all types of surfers. Right in front of living quarters is a left hand reef that holds consistently and is typically not crowded. Also, there is a beach break right next to the reef (2 min walk).

Check out the different spots here.

We are trying to offer a different kind of surf tour that is specially tailored to your group. We will keep you surfing at the breaks you enjoy!

The surf tours we offer are unmatched by our competitors in price and the special attention we give to our guests. We know where the waves are and have the means to get you there!
Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Central America, making it a great place to take a surf trip without spending a lot of money!

Our guides have plenty of experience and have spent substantial time traveling through Nicaragua and Central America!!!!!

If you are feeling like you need a break from the surf there is always the opportunity to head to Leon to tour the old colonial city, enjoy the night life

If you have any questions about the breaks listed please send us an email. We have not posted the names of the spots here so they do not get exposed all over the internet!

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