Narrowneck used to be off the surfer’s radar until an artificial reef was built to create an erosion protection solution to prevent the beach being inundated during storm swells. While this part of the project is considered to have worked, the bonus surfing wave has been attracting plenty of takers since the sandbags trip up a decent right on SE swells and a left in NE'ers. 'Naz' is not the most exciting wave but can provide more shape on junky, onshore days than the long expanses of Surfers Paradise beaches stretching south. On it's good days, there's pits to be found and a bit of extra power over the reef, plus a shorey section that bodyboarders like. Gets crowded as it is the first stop from Brisbane, is a regular local contest site and attracts more for the novelty factor to see what an artificial reef wave is like.

  • All Tides
  • Submerged reef with peaky waves
  • Sand
  • NE - SE
  • North Westerly
  • 6 3