New England Surf Reports and Surf Forecasts

New England Surf Reports and Surf Forecasts

About New England

Huge tidal ranges, extreme winters and some excellent surf characterise the states of New England. The varied coastline means somewhere will always be offshore. Temperatures drop to little above freezing in the winter. Summer is obviously warmer but less consistent. Maine has some great breaks dotted around its numerous coves and inlets but the water is frigid in winter and still cold in summer. New Hampshire's limited 13 miles of coastline packs a decent punch with several excellent breaks, including points reefs and beaches. And can handle almost any size swell, which is useful on a coast that can commonly receive waves in excess of 10ft/3m during the productive winter season. Massachusetts has some excellent set-ups but possesses a challenging geography which combines offshore islands to keep the surfing community small. The best surfing is to be found south of Boston. Rhode Island "The Ocean State" receives the best swell of the bunch and has a thriving surfing community along its 40 mile coast. Autumn's hurricane season is the best bet with consistent surf in the 6 to 8ft/2-2.5m range.

21 May 10:21pm Cape Cod

urbs@sea posted photos of Cape Cod.

Early Coast Guard Beach

04 May 12:40am Cape Ann
Anneliese Brosch

Anneliese Brosch posted photos of Cape Ann.

Cape Ann SUP at Long Beach

01 May 06:48pm Wells Beach

julienlavoie posted a photo of Wells Beach.

Wells Beach

28 Apr 02:18pm Nahant
Estani Puch

Estani Puch posted a photo of Nahant.


29 Apr 03:00am 1st Beach (Eastons Beach)
1st Beach (Eastons Beach)
1st beach, way way waaay outside.

1st beach, way way waaay outside.

Surf Shops near Scarborough Beach
31 May 01:17am