Excellent, long, lefthand pointbreak on big NW swells and winds from W-NE. Breaks hard and fast, bending over shallow sections of reef and throwing some big tubes. Handles all tides but will be dangerously close to the rocks in smaller swells and higher tides. The mid tube section and the closeout at the end of the wave, close to Pescador, has sent a dozen guys to the hospital. Kick out before the end if it is the first wave of the set on big days.

Often crowded and localised. Intermediates on smaller days, experts when it gets double overhead. There's a mushy right point in front of the swimming pool around the corner in Porto Martins.

  • All Tides
  • Left-hand Pointbreak
  • Sand
  • NW - NE
  • North Westerly
  • 18 4