Furthest north of a string of longer lefthanders and occasional short rights that run down this San Bartolo headland when the swell picks up from the W. At size it is an angry stretch of water, standing up hard from take-off and offering a further tube section before shutting down mercilessly on the boulder strewn beach.The paddle-out is tricky and the currents get motoring on big days. NW will open up the rights and fast, juicy walls are the available for a short distance. Mid tide is safest but it will break through depending on tide and swell range.

Challenging spot that requires experience. Crowds are generally thin. Park at the cabana de surfistas near the creek mouth. Medium consistency.

  • Mid Tide Only
  • Submerged reef with peaky waves
  • Sand
  • SW - NW
  • Easterly
  • 10 5