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Black Pearl Creations Surfboards
Clean Ocean Surf Company
George Robinson Designs
Jim Dunlop / Mystic Surfboards
Matt Kecheles Surfboards
Whisnant Surfboards
Tom Neilson Shapes
Aqua East Surf Shop
Balsa Bill Surf Shop
Blue Earth Surfboards
Surf Mad Dog
Red Dog Surf Shop
Bilt Surboards, Lessons & Rentals
About Surfing Florida
Divided into three main areas the Gulf Coast, which generally receives wind swell across a small fetch. The Southern Atlantic coast which receives the best swell and the Northern Atlantic coast, which is considered to be less consistent in comparison. The Florida Keys are also considered to be inconsistent. The climate is subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. The region was first surfed in the 1930s and despite having a reputation for poor waves, Florida produces excellent surfers, to which Kelly Slater certainly can attest. In the main the whole coast is beach breaks of varying quality with notable exceptions such as Jupiter Inlet in the south and New Smyrna in the north. Autumn brings the hurricane season and by far the best waves. For the rest of the year much of the power is sucked from the waves by the extensive continental shelf, though some long period swells do arrive with summer being the least consistent season.
Craftsmen who can create a custom surfboard to your specifications.
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