Today's Tide - Sidmouth (Lyme Bay) Time Times for Sidmouth (Lyme Bay)
Low 1:28AM 2.66ft
High 8:09AM 12.89ft
Low 1:41PM 2.82ft
High 8:25PM 13.74ft
First Light 4:51AM
Sunrise 5:31AM
Sunset 9:04PM
Last Light 9:45PM

Tide Location Lyme Regis - 13.58km away Help

About Sidmouth (Lyme Bay)

Exmouth, Sidmouth and Lyme Regis all get waves in huge SW swells and E Channel swells. Never big or powerful, but some decent set-ups for the committed. Same is true of the protected beach at... more

Surf Forecasting help for Sidmouth (Lyme Bay)

A detailed long range Sidmouth (Lyme Bay) Surf forecast, surf report and (where available) surf webcams. This surf forecast will be useful for both Sidmouth (Lyme Bay) and nearby surf spots in the UK + Ireland area. The information here is carefully calibrated and checked, please do read the surf forecasting help information first which will give you a good idea how to start interpreting this information.

Hourly Surf Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather Prob.
Mon 07/28 12am Flat 0.9ft 3s 313.92° 0.3ft 9s 0.4ft 4s 13 19 mph Clear 60°f N/A
3am Flat 0.7ft 3s 313.76° 0.3ft 4s 0.3ft 9s 11 13 mph Clear 59°f N/A
Mon 07/28 6am Flat 0.3ft 4s 245.52° 0.3ft 2s 0.4ft 9s 10 12 mph Light Showers 59°f N/A
9am Flat 0.2ft 4s 245.26° 0.2ft 2s 0.4ft 9s 10 12 mph Sunny 63°f N/A

Local time: (). GMT. Data Status: Incomplete. Run Age: 390716.88hrs