The northern half of Pulau Pagai Utara (North Pagai Island) is not renowned for many breaks although a cruise past tanjungs Simabai and Sianja might yeild a few lefts, plus there’s reputedly a bombie peak and a fun, walled up cruisey righthander the Macaronis Resort crew call Bat Cave. Off the tip of Silabusabeu island, a lefthander will wrap around the coral fringe in moderate SW swells, offering respite from the crowds at Macca’s once it hits headhigh. Not super long or hollow, it is still a punchy set-up that also handles bigger swells, all tides and a S wind quite well.

  • All Tides
  • Left-hand break over submerged reef
  • Sand
  • S - W
  • Easterly
  • 10 4