A visit to the 11km (7mi) long Rottnest Island is essential and it’s only a 30min ferry ride from Perth. Rotto is a popular trip with experienced surfers, because it's often 2-3ft (+/-1m) larger than Perth's beaches. Best times are during autumn and winter with prevailing northerly winds. However, surfers can catch the early morning surf on the south side during the summer months (Oct to Feb). The north side of the island is home to Stark Bay, a growling, hollow, mid-high tide left at all sizes of SW-NW swell. A boat would help as it breaks way out there and snapping boards can be a reality. Hellmen (and women!) only.

  • Mid to High Tide
  • Left-hand break over submerged reef
  • Sand
  • SW - NW
  • South Easterly
  • 15 3