Today's Tide - Stockton Time Times for Stockton
Low 5:07AM 0.26ft
High 11:43AM 4.56ft
Low 5:19PM 0.72ft
High 11:35PM 4.59ft
First Light 5:29AM
Sunrise 5:58AM
Sunset 8:13PM
Last Light 8:43PM

Tide Location Cape May, Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey - 0.94km away Help

About Stockton

This is the pick of the Cape May south-facing beaches. Incoming tide on an overhead swell usually means barrels, unless they have recently pumped sand. Stormwater, rip currents, and a sometimes crowded scenario because the... more

Surf Forecasting help for Stockton

A detailed long range Stockton Surf forecast, surf report and (where available) surf webcams. This surf forecast will be useful for both Stockton and nearby surf spots in the New Jersey + New York area. The information here is carefully calibrated and checked, please do read the surf forecasting help information first which will give you a good idea how to start interpreting this information.

Hourly Surf Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather Prob.
Thu 07/31 12am 2-3ft 3ft 8s 134.98° 1ft 6s   7 8 mph Clear 73°f 100%
3am 2-4ft 3ft 8s 139.92°     9 11 mph Clear 72°f 100%
Thu 07/31 6am 2-4ft 3ft 8s 135.31° 0.9ft 6s   10 14 mph Sunny 72°f 100%
9am 2-4ft 3ft 8s 136.47° 1ft 6s   12 15 mph Light Showers Possible 76°f 100%
Noon 2-4ft 3ft 8s 138.49° 1ft 6s   9 13 mph Brief Showers Possible 79°f 100%
3pm 2-4ft 3ft 8s 142.48° 1ft 2s   12 13 mph Sunny 80°f 100%
6pm 2-3ft 3ft 7s 142.52° 1.4ft 3s   14 18 mph Sunny 78°f 100%
9pm 2-3ft 3ft 7s 141.28° 1.6ft 3s   16 20 mph Mostly Cloudy 75°f 100%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
Low 5:07AM 0.26ft
High 11:43AM 4.56ft
Low 5:19PM 0.72ft
High 11:35PM 4.59ft
First Light 5:29AM
Sunrise 5:58AM
Sunset 8:13PM
Last Light 8:43PM
Fri 08/01 12am 2-3ft 3ft 7s 139.26° 1.4ft 3s   14 19 mph Light Showers 75°f 100%
3am 2-3ft 3ft 7s 142.72° 0.4ft 7s   11 14 mph Light Showers 75°f 100%
Fri 08/01 6am 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 130.11° 1.3ft 6s   5 5 mph Light Showers 74°f 100%
9am 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 130.95° 0.8ft 4s   6 7 mph Light Showers 76°f 100%
Noon 2-3ft 3ft 7s 133.8° 0.5ft 10s   4 5 mph Drizzle 75°f 100%
3pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 132.23° 0.8ft 10s   5 6 mph Overcast 76°f 100%
6pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 130.35° 0.9ft 9s   12 13 mph Overcast 76°f 100%
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 7s 125.59° 1ft 9s 0.4ft 6s 11 14 mph Overcast 76°f 100%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
Low 5:38AM 0.43ft
High 12:22PM 4.56ft
Low 5:58PM 0.85ft
First Light 5:30AM
Sunrise 5:59AM
Sunset 8:12PM
Last Light 8:41PM
Sat 08/02 12am 2-3ft 3ft 6s 124.62° 1ft 9s 0.2ft 8s 8 10 mph Mostly Cloudy 75°f 100%
3am 1-2ft 1.9ft 6s 134.91° 2.5ft 5s 1ft 9s 9 11 mph Light Rain 73°f 100%
Sat 08/02 6am 2-3ft 3ft 6s 126.43° 1ft 9s   16 18 mph Light Rain 72°f 90%
9am 2-3ft 2.5ft 6s 127.05° 1.1ft 9s   15 18 mph Light Rain 72°f 90%
Noon 2-3ft 2.5ft 6s 139.39° 1.1ft 9s 0.2ft 8s 16 17 mph Light Rain 72°f 95%
3pm 1-2ft 2.5ft 4s 177.53° 1.8ft 6s 1.2ft 9s 8 8 mph Overcast 74°f 95%
6pm 2-3ft 3.5ft 5s 167.45° 1.2ft 9s 0.3ft 8s 4 6 mph Light Rain 74°f 95%
9pm 1-2ft 2.5ft 5s 193.17° 1.8ft 6s 1.2ft 9s 9 13 mph Drizzle 75°f 95%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 12:15AM 4.43ft
Low 6:10AM 0.56ft
High 1:03PM 4.62ft
Low 6:46PM 0.98ft
First Light 5:31AM
Sunrise 6:00AM
Sunset 8:11PM
Last Light 8:40PM
Sun 08/03 12am 2ft 2ft 6s 134.97° 1.1ft 9s 2ft 5s 10 13 mph Thundery Showers 74°f 90%
3am 2-3ft 3.5ft 5s 175.09° 1.1ft 9s 0.7ft 11s 9 11 mph Rain 75°f 90%
Sun 08/03 6am 2-3ft 3.5ft 5s 177.28° 1.1ft 8s 0.7ft 11s 5 5 mph Brief Showers 72°f 95%
9am 2-3ft 3.5ft 6s 177.11° 1.1ft 8s 0.7ft 11s 2 2 mph Thundery Showers 76°f 95%
Noon 2-3ft 3.5ft 6s 176.72° 0.9ft 12s 1ft 8s 8 11 mph Light Rain 78°f 100%
3pm 2-3ft 3.5ft 6s 177.43° 1.1ft 8s 0.9ft 12s 11 14 mph Overcast 78°f 100%
6pm 2-3ft 3ft 6s 180.05° 1.5ft 8s 0.9ft 12s 13 18 mph Light Rain 77°f 85%
9pm 2-3ft 3.5ft 6s 183.32° 1ft 11s 1.1ft 8s 14 20 mph Thundery Showers 76°f 85%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 1:01AM 4.3ft
Low 6:51AM 0.66ft
High 1:48PM 4.69ft
Low 7:47PM 1.05ft
First Light 5:32AM
Sunrise 6:01AM
Sunset 8:10PM
Last Light 8:39PM
Mon 08/04 12am 2-3ft 4ft 5s 188.78° 1.1ft 11s 1.1ft 8s 13 18 mph Light Rain 76°f 75%
3am 2-3ft 4ft 5s 186.06° 1.2ft 11s 0.9ft 8s 10 12 mph Brief Showers 74°f 75%
Mon 08/04 6am 2-3ft 2.5ft 6s 146.92° 1.2ft 11s 3ft 5s 9 11 mph Mostly Cloudy 73°f 76%
9am 2-3ft 4ft 6s 177.47° 1.3ft 11s   8 11 mph Mostly Cloudy 78°f 76%
Noon 2-3ft 2.5ft 6s 154.48° 2.5ft 6s   5 9 mph Mostly Cloudy 82°f 43%
3pm 2-3ft 3ft 6s 183.5° 1.5ft 12s   7 10 mph Fair 83°f 43%
6pm 2-3ft 1.8ft 12s 129.77° 3ft 6s   8 11 mph Fair 83°f 36%
9pm 2-3ft 1.8ft 12s 129.25° 2.5ft 6s   10 13 mph Mostly Cloudy 80°f 36%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 1:54AM 4.2ft
Low 7:48AM 0.72ft
High 2:38PM 4.82ft
Low 8:59PM 0.95ft
First Light 5:33AM
Sunrise 6:02AM
Sunset 8:09PM
Last Light 8:38PM
Tue 08/05 12am 2-3ft 2ft 11s 129.69° 2.5ft 6s   11 13 mph Mostly Cloudy 77°f 71%
3am 2-3ft 2ft 11s 130.16° 2ft 5s   11 15 mph Mostly Clear 74°f 71%
Tue 08/05 6am 2-3ft 2ft 12s 130.42° 2ft 5s   10 13 mph Fair 71°f 81%
9am 2-3ft 2ft 12s 131.48° 1.6ft 5s 0.9ft 3s 6 9 mph Light Showers 78°f 81%
Noon 2-3ft 2.5ft 11s 132° 1.7ft 5s 0.8ft 3s 7 11 mph Cloudy 85°f 100%
3pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 133.56° 1.9ft 5s 1.2ft 8s 10 13 mph Cloudy 86°f 100%
6pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 135.6° 2ft 5s 1.2ft 8s 12 17 mph Mostly Cloudy 84°f 81%
9pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 11s 137.32° 2ft 5s 1.1ft 8s 11 15 mph Thundery Showers 81°f 81%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 2:53AM 4.13ft
Low 9:01AM 0.69ft
High 3:36PM 5.02ft
Low 10:06PM 0.72ft
First Light 5:34AM
Sunrise 6:03AM
Sunset 8:07PM
Last Light 8:37PM
Wed 08/06 12am 2-4ft 3ft 11s 139.21° 2ft 5s 1ft 8s 12 16 mph Light Showers 79°f 90%
3am 2-4ft 3ft 10s 140.2° 1.5ft 5s 1.4ft 3s 8 10 mph Heavy Thunderstorms 77°f 90%
Wed 08/06 6am 2-3ft 1.9ft 10s 136.57° 1.7ft 5s   10 11 mph Light Showers 70°f 86%
9am 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 146.23° 1.5ft 5s   8 9 mph Brief Showers 73°f 86%
Noon 2-3ft 2ft 9s 142.81° 1.4ft 11s 0.7ft 3s 9 9 mph Brief Showers 76°f 86%
3pm 2ft 1.6ft 9s 163.16° 1.6ft 9s 0.9ft 3s 11 11 mph Fair 76°f 86%
6pm 2ft 1.6ft 9s 164.45° 1.5ft 9s 1.1ft 3s 11 13 mph Fair 72°f 90%
9pm 2ft 1.6ft 9s 138.46° 1.5ft 9s   6 7 mph Mostly Cloudy 72°f 90%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 3:59AM 4.2ft
Low 10:09AM 0.52ft
High 4:39PM 5.25ft
Low 11:05PM 0.36ft
First Light 5:35AM
Sunrise 6:04AM
Sunset 8:06PM
Last Light 8:36PM

Extended Surf Forecast for Stockton Area

Thu 08/07 12am 2-3ft 2.5ft 9s 130.47° 1.5ft 9s 0.6ft 3s 8 9 mph Clear 73°f 86%
3am 2-3ft 2ft 9s 135.65° 1.5ft 8s 0.9ft 3s 10 11 mph Clear 73°f 86%
Thu 08/07 6am 2ft 1.8ft 8s 128.88° 1.7ft 8s 0.9ft 3s 8 9 mph Fair 71°f 81%
9am 2ft 1.8ft 8s 129.62° 1.7ft 8s 0.8ft 3s 8 9 mph Mostly Cloudy 74°f 81%
Noon 2-3ft 1.9ft 8s 134.87° 1.4ft 8s 0.6ft 3s 8
Overcast 76°f 85%
3pm 2ft 1.6ft 10s 122.37° 1.6ft 8s 0.3ft 3s 6 7 mph Mostly Cloudy 74°f 85%
6pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 129.14° 1.3ft 7s   4 6 mph Mostly Cloudy 72°f 48%
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 127.9° 1.3ft 7s   3 6 mph Mostly Cloudy 70°f 48%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
High 5:08AM 4.4ft
Low 11:11AM 0.26ft
High 5:43PM 5.54ft
First Light 5:36AM
Sunrise 6:05AM
Sunset 8:05PM
Last Light 8:34PM
Fri 08/08 12am 2-3ft 2ft 10s 125.07° 1.3ft 7s   4 6 mph Mostly Clear 68°f 52%
3am 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 128.15° 1.2ft 7s   5 7 mph Mostly Clear 71°f 52%
Fri 08/08 6am 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 128.62° 1.1ft 7s   7 9 mph Fair 75°f 60%
9am 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 129.72° 0.9ft 7s   9 11 mph Fair 78°f 60%
Noon 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 128.9° 0.9ft 7s   10 12 mph Fair 82°f 64%
3pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 10s 133.28° 0.6ft 7s   10 14 mph Fair 79°f 64%
6pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 10s 133.21° 0.7ft 17s   9 16 mph Sunny 76°f 68%
9pm 2-4ft 3ft 10s 134.79° 0.7ft 7s   8 18 mph Clear 73°f 68%
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
Low 12:02AM -0ft
High 6:14AM 4.69ft
Low 12:09PM -0.03ft
High 6:42PM 5.9ft
First Light 5:37AM
Sunrise 6:06AM
Sunset 8:04PM
Last Light 8:33PM
Sat 08/09 12am 2-4ft 3ft 10s 136.65° 0.7ft 7s 1.1ft 3s 7 20 mph Mist 70°f N/A
3am 2-4ft 3ft 10s 137.36° 0.8ft 13s 1.7ft 3s 8 19 mph Clear 74°f N/A
Sat 08/09 6am 2-4ft 2.5ft 10s 136.97° 0.9ft 13s 2.5ft 4s 10 18 mph Sunny 78°f N/A
9am 2-4ft 2.5ft 10s 135.57° 0.9ft 13s 2.5ft 4s 11 17 mph Sunny 82°f N/A
Noon 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 134.34° 1ft 13s 2.5ft 4s 12 17 mph Sunny 85°f N/A
3pm 2-4ft 2.5ft 10s 132.2° 0.6ft 7s 2.5ft 4s 11 15 mph Light Showers 82°f N/A
6pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 131.84° 0.7ft 16s 2ft 5s 9 13 mph Light Showers 79°f N/A
9pm 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 131.32° 0.7ft 15s 1.9ft 5s 7 12 mph Light Showers 75°f N/A
Tide and daylight times for Stockton
Low 12:56AM -0.39ft
High 7:12AM 5.08ft
Low 1:06PM -0.33ft
High 7:36PM 6.17ft
First Light 5:38AM
Sunrise 6:07AM
Sunset 8:03PM
Last Light 8:32PM
Sun 08/10 12am 2-3ft 2.5ft 10s 130.93° 1.7ft 5s   6 10 mph Light Showers 72°f N/A

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