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Ericeira Surf School
Hooked Surf
Surfing Baleal – Surf Camp & Surf School
Free Ride Surf Camp
Atlantis Surf Project
Ajo Surf School
Algarve Adventure
Surf To Live
South Coast Surf School
Damos Surf School
Daimon Store
Ericeira Waves School
Paintshop Hostel
Extreme Algarve
Surf Yoga Camp
Peniche Hostel
Eco Lodges Ericeira
Art Surf Camp
Casita Lulu
Surf School Conil
Lapoint Surf Camp Portugal - Ericeira
Surf Lodge Peniche
About Surfing Spain + Portugal
<b>Spain</b><p> Split into two main sections by Portugal, the most famous being the northern coastline or the Costa Verde. This coast faces into the turbulent Bay of Biscay, catching and holding all the swell which propagates down from the active North Atlantic. Southerly winds are offshore. Mild seasonality is the norm here, winter typified by being extremely, wet and but followed by a pleasant but often cloudy summer. From booming beach breaks to long points and shallow reefs, this coast has it all. To the south, under Portugal, the lesser known Costa De La Luz can on it's day have some classic set-ups, but suffers extreme shadowing from the predominant north/north-westerly swells and is plagued by the conflict between the Levante (easterly) and Poniente (westerly) winds so beloved of the wind and kite surfers who flock to the area.<p> <b>Portugal</b><p> Facing directly into the path of the stormy Atlantic, Portugal's west facing coastline receives year-round swell. Winter and its surrounding months being the most consistent time. Numerous classic set-ups abound with some of Europe's finest beach breaks and reefs. The northern areas are wilder and less developed before the populated central belt which contains several large towns and cities hugging the coast. To the South the Algrave offers lots of options on the west coast and the chance of shelter in a huge west swell and northerly winds. Other than that easterly winds are predominately offshore.
Surf Camps
Surf camps can offer a variety of types of accommodation such as apartments, hotels, rooms, camping or dormitories together with food, surf lessons and group activities. Often included are guided surf tours of the best local spots along with surf hire, videos, photography, professional coaching and even some night life.
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