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Happy Dudes Surf Emporium
About Surfing Nova Scotia
Hurricane season is the premium surfing season, from August to November, consistent surf comes up from the Atlantic. Also the north-easterly lows start to pummel the island in late autumn bringing regular but windy swells. Surprisingly summer water temperatures can rise to 20°C/68°F but average a frigid 4°C/39°F or less in winter. North-westerly winds are common in winter and turn south-west in summer. Rugged and beautiful, with an abundance of inlets and bays this coastline whilst cold offers and abundance of options. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tide in the world at 17 metres, with 115 billion tonnes of water flowing in and out of the bay during one tide cycle. First surfed in the 1970s by itinerant surfers tracking swells up the coast the area now boasts a small community of hardy regulars.
Surf Camps
Surf camps can offer a variety of types of accommodation such as apartments, hotels, rooms, camping or dormitories together with food, surf lessons and group activities. Often included are guided surf tours of the best local spots along with surf hire, videos, photography, professional coaching and even some night life.
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