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Tom Neilson Shapes
Quiet Flight
Balsa Bill Surf Shop
Cocoa Beach Surf and Skate
Hyperform Inc.
Natural Art Surf Shop
Cocoa Beach Surf Co.
Wear's The Beach Inc.
Bilt Surboards, Lessons & Rentals
Ocean Sports World
Surfet's Surf Shack
Ron Jons Surf Shop
George Robinson Designs
About Surfing Central Caribbean
The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica make up the central Caribbean and receive contrasting swells. The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic face out into the Atlantic and as such pick up North Atlantic swells dropping down America's East Coast. Lacking much of a continental shelf the swells hardly decay before unloading on the region's reefs. Generally the waves here are a good mixture of challenging and friendly with some crowding at the main spots. Trade-winds from the north will blow out most spots especially in the productive winter season (October to March) so morning surfs are the go for glassy conditions before the trade-winds start to blow. Cuba and Jamaica on the other hand are sheltered from the majority of Atlantic activity and rely on the surprisingly regular Caribbean to provide north swells from the north. Hurricane season (August to October) can provide excellent surf and devastation in equal measure. Jamaica has a very active surfing population whereas Cuba remains hardly surfed at all. Sea temperatures remain between 25 and 28°C or 77 to 82°F.
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Shops supplying surf boards, wetsuits, clothing, leashes, wax, deck pads, fins, DVDs and anything you might need to go surfing.
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