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Cove Skate & Surf
Reno Beach Surf Shop
Lenny’s Surf Shop
Over Head Surf Shop
Double Barrel Surf and Skate
Funky Planet Surf Shop
Gulf Coast Surf & Skate Co
The Island Shop
Surf Shack
Nekton Surf Shop
About Surfing Gulf Coast
Encircled by: Mexico, Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas this shallow sea is never going to be a world class surf-producing machine. The continental shelf saps power and the limited fetch reduces the swell period However Texas has an extremely strong tradition of surfing these inconsistent waves with winter being the most rewarding season. As do smaller communities in the surrounding states and countries. Saved by the hurricane season in this area can on its day produce some excellent waves. Unrelated to the weather, but wave producing nonetheless, surfing the wake of a passing tanker has become a popular activity in Texas.
Surf Shops
Shops supplying surf boards, wetsuits, clothing, leashes, wax, deck pads, fins, DVDs and anything you might need to go surfing.
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