Lahinch Surf Shop

Ireland's first surf shop. Daily surf report and live web cam

Lahinch - Beach

  • 3ft

High Breeze, Onshore

1d ago

Messy and windblown but swell should grow later in the day


Lahinch - Beach

  • 2ft


Tue 11:30

Small and glassy, ideal for beginners


Lahinch - Beach

  • 3ft

Fresh Breeze, Offshore

Sun 12:00

Mod E 14kts offshore wind, Waves 3ft, Air temp 11'C water temp 14'C high tide 11.36 Low tide 18.09


Lahinch - Beach

  • 3ft

Moderate Breeze, Offshore

Sat 11:30

Light E/SE 13kts offshore wind, Waves 2-3ft, Air temp 13'C Water temp 13'C high tide 10.25 Low tide 16.41


Lahinch - Beach

  • 5ft

Gentle Breeze, Offshore

Fri 11:30

Light S/SE 7kts offshore wind, Waves 4-5ft, Air temp 10'C Water temp 13'C High tide 9.27 low tide 15.33


Lahinch - Beach

  • 7ft

Light Breeze, Onshore

Thu 12:00

Light NW wind. Waves 6-8ft. Air temp 11'C. LT14.38. HT21.04.


Lahinch Surf Shop

Lahinch in County Clare, Ireland, has been a centre for surfing in Ireland since the late 1960's. The local club in Lahinch hosted the European surf championships in 1972.

I became interested in surfing in the late 1980's. It all started for me as a result of a chat in a pub in Liscannor, County Clare, which led my wife Rosemary and I to buy the original shop on the prom in Lahinch in 1989, which became the first dedicated surf shop in Ireland.

We stock the best of the major brands of wetsuits from O'Neill,Rip Curl,C-Skins,Alder, Tiki and Body Glove.It is important to try on suits to check which fits best.

We also have lots of accessories and clothing.

Ireland's first surf shop© 2016 -

The original building was not very weather proof and so we rebuilt in 1999. It was a very old stone building and the roof was in a very poor state--driftwood roof timbers all warped and sagging. The roof leaked in the rain and suffered badly when the odd wave hit it.

Lahinch Surf Shop© 2016 -

Sometimes the waves come in to visit us.This happens more and more frequently particularily during the Winter. It can cause us problems if we are not expecting it but we are used to it.

Shop covered up© 2016 -

We also get nice offshore days

REFLECTIONS© 2016 - Glassy Light Offshore

SMS surf report text lahinch to 53133
webcam and still photo with daily report

These reports are updated every morning at approximately 11.00

Lahinch is a very accessible surf beach with breaks to suit all levels. The Guinness record for the largest number of surfers on one wave was broken here in 2006 and 2007.

winning wave 2006© 2016 -

We get our best waves during the Winter. Water temperature, nowadays, gets down to 10'C in January after a high of 17'C in late August

Winter waves© 2016 -

Short Boards

© 2016 -

We keep short boards from Spider Murphy made in Durban, South Africa. Surf Boards are not suitable for posting and need hands on to check out. Come visit us in store to see our range of short boards before buying. We also stock the latest technology from Resin8 epoxy super lightweight short boards. CLICK HERE

Long Boards

© 2016 -

Longboards from various sources and international shapers.Only new boards are displayed under this category. CLICK HERE


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Brands include Alder, Rip Curl, O'Neill, C-Skins, Tiki and Body Glove. Children's full length 3 mm suits prices start at €50.00. Prices for 5mm adult winter suits start at €175.00. We do not sell these online as you would need to try on a wetsuit for fit, but you can view our range online and then visit us in-store to purchase. To view our current stock, CLICK HERE


Accessories© 2016 - lots of bits and pieces