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AKWABAA (Welcome) from Black Star Surf Shop, Ghana's one and ONLY surf shop. Black Star offers over 30 long and short board rentals, surf lessons as well as beach and surfing accessories. Come and experience surfing...Ghanaian style!

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Black Star Surf Shop

Black Star Surf Shop, Surfaris and Surf School

"Akwabaa" from Black Star Surf Shop, the one and ONLY surf shop in Ghana! We also have the only year-round surf camps and surf tours in this West African country. Black Star Surf is proud of being a community-based surf shop with local ownership and community involvement. These things are important to us.

If you are surfing in Ghana, Black Star offers a wide vairety of board rentals, surf lessons, surfing equipment, and accessories. The shop is stocked with surfing accessories such as surf wax, ding repair kits, leashes and beach items like Black Star T-shirts, board shorts, rashguards, sun lotions, sun glasses, and much much more!

The surf shop is located at Busua Beach one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Ghana. Busua Beach also happens to have some great surfing! The Black Star Surf Shop sits on this mile-long beach within walking or paddling distance to beach of breaks varying size and difficulty, a right point break and a reef island break. For example, Black Mamba, the reefy right point below, is 300 meters from the surf shop!

Joining us at Black Star Surf in Busua means you can also explore the many excellent surf spots, ranging from beginner and intermediate to expert, in the nearby villages of Dixcove, Akwidaa, Cape Three Points, Prince's Town, Prince's Town, and Mutrakni Point. All are within 20kms of Busua and accessible by road or traveling up the coast in a modified traditional Ghanaian fishing boat.

The Surfari

If you are a more experienced surfer and an exotic African surfing adventure is what you are looking for, you found it! Our surfari is the only surf tour in Ghana that travels the coast by boat. Around almost every corner is another surfable spot- beach breaks with fast lefts and rights, an occasional reef break, or a variety of right and left point breaks from fast, tubing waves to slow, 150 meter waves perfect for long boarding. All this with no one in site except you and your group!

The consistent big swell season is between late April and early October. Most of the spots break at 4ft swell and bigger. Warm water, great waves and no crowds! Below is LP's, one of our stops on our surfari during a 7ft swell.

The first three days of the Black Star Surfari are spent in Busua. During the first three days we travel by boat or van to one of four nearby surf spots, the rest of the days can be spent surfing the various sized beach breaks in Busua. The fourth day the tour group travel by boat to the fishing village of Akwidaa. There you have the option of surfing several known spots like LP's and Black Star beach. A great place for late afternoon or early morning surf!

Surfari guest catches dinner!© 2017 -

On Day 5 we travel from Akwidaa to Prince's Town by boat. We spend the night at Fort Gross Friedrichsburg, a 17th century slave fort that is unique for Ghana as it is the only fort in the country built by Germans. On our way to Prince's Town we stop at Cape Three Points and other known and unknown world-class surf spots along the way.

Typical Surf Tour/School Dinner© 2017 -

On Day 6 we travel from Prince's Town to Miemia. We then continue on to Mutrakni Point, where there are well regarded left and right point breaks. In the morning of Day 7 we travel back to Busua. On our last night in Busua you will be treated to a lobster dinner at the Okorye Tree and the chance to enjoy a bonfire complete with a traditional dance and drumming troupe. This is a tried and tested Surfari that is a truly unique African experience!

Surf School

Ghana surfing at its best! Black Star Surf School is strategically located where the waves are blocked by a reef island, making them a bit smaller and less powerful and creating an awesome spot to learn to surf, for beginners, or someone who just hasn't surfed in a while!

The Black Star Surf School: Is it a surf camp or a surf school? Well, actually, it's both! Black Star surf schools are unique as we offer a wide range of accommodation options and a place to meet and hang out with your fellow surf students in a camp-like setting.Black Star Surf Camps provide the best of both worlds. This is possible because we have partnered with a variety of places to stay and eat ranging from simple bamboo bungalows on the beach to full service hotels and everything in between. All of these accommodations are our neighbors and less than a one minute walk from the surf school and Black Star Surf Shop.

Accomodations in Busua© 2017 - Black Star Surf Shop

Yet although you and your fellow students may be scattered amongst the different places to stay, there will also be unlimited opportunities to hang out in a camp-like atmosphere. This is because the surf shop and surf school share a large multi-leveled wood deck that spills out on to the beach with our new restaurant, The Orkorye Tree. Many of the surf school group activities included in your surf school package, for example the group lobster dinner and the bonfire with traditional drumming and dancing, will happen here.

Black Star Surf Shop and Restaurant© 2017 - Photo by Fabian Wyss

Our place is the IN place to hang out in Busua and a great place to share time with your new and old friends, listen to music, talk about your day of surfing, do some more surfing on your own, enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, or dance the night away!

Black Star Surf School!© 2017 -

After you are suited up for your surf lesson, you'll join your instructor for an on-the-beach class that covers; safety, right-of-way and surf etiquette, surf break awareness, wave formation, paddling skills, how to push through waves, stand up techniques, stance, riding and more.

Now that you've had a surfing lesson, you will find that surfing is a unique experience that is, at the same time, both peaceful and exhilarating. Nothing can match the rush of paddling for the perfect wave, jumping to your feet and riding a wall of pure energy. There is also something very Zen about in the water and waiting for your wave that is hard to equal on land. If you've never tried surfing you're going to love it!

Surfing in Ghana!© 2017 - Photo by Hugo von Tilborg