El Dorado Surf Resort

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El Dorado Surf Resort© 2017 - Alain Denis
You are now entering the Eldorado universe!
This surprising resort located in the heart of Salvador opened its doors in December 2006. Eldorado specializes in welcoming surfers looking for extreme thrills.
An experience you will never forget...© 2017 - Benjamin Rochette

The lifestyle at its best...
Relax on the terrase at sunset or play a fuzball game while drinking an exotic cocktail…
Eldorado defines itself as the anti-Club-Med offering an experience that is anything but ordinary… The inn is located in a small fishing village called El Zonte, in front of the Pacific Ocean.
The " Eldoradian " lifestyle is completely geared towards surfing with a relaxed atmosphère and staff that is passionate about the sport. Add a stunning backyard view and you get a friendly and cordial vibe.© 2017 - Alain Denis

A powerful and fast point break just a step from Eldorado!
The turbulent and warm Pacific Ocean generates powerful waves for all skill levels. The area is renowned for its average of 300 days a year of consistent waves. Salvador has an abundance of places to surf: within a 12 km radius of the hotel, there is Punta Roca (waves of international reputation), Sunzal and K-59.© 2017 - Benjamin Rochette