Outward Bound Costa Rica

Outward Bound Costa Rica is an outdoor adventure school with surf courses ideal for both beginners or lifers. Surf famous breaks in Costa Rica like Witch's Rock, Playa Hermosa, Playa Avellanas, Playa Grande, Pavones and more while building leadership skills that you will take with you for the rest of your life. Pura vida!

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Outward Bound Costa Rica

Relish in world-famous warm water breaks on uncrowded black and white sand beaches in Costa Rica. In typical Outward Bound style, you'll surf by day and camp under the stars by night as you reflect on your leadership abilities and how the challenges faced in and out of the tropical waters help you confront the challenges that life presents.

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Outward Bound Costa Rica offers courses for both the beginner and experienced surfer. In addition to learning surf technique, our experienced instructors will provide insight into ocean and coastal ecology, the physics of waves, lunar phases and weather systems. Surf famous surf spots throughout Costa Rica such as Witch's Rock, Playa Hermosa, Playa Grande, Playa Manuel Antonio, and Playa Avellanas, among others.

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What is being offered in 2013?

Summer Surf Expeditions in Costa Rica

For those looking for the ultimate surfing experience in Costa Rica this summer, we are offering two surf-intensive courses: our 7-day Witch's Rock Expedition and 7-day Surf & Service Adventure. Students can either come for one 7-day course or combine both and catch waves in two unique surf breaks.

In addition to catching waves, our Surf & Service Adventure students will help the endangered sea turtle population of Costa Rica.© 2017 -

Semester Courses in Costa Rica & Panama

Our 85-day Tri-Country Semester course includes a surfing expedition ideal for both beginners and lifers, as it integrates all the technical aspects of catching a wave at world-famous surf breaks.

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Looking to turn your passion for surfing into a career? Our Leadership Semester course is a 65-day professional training course for those looking to working in the outdoor industry. Earn your Waterfront Lifeguarding certification in addition to six other internationally-recognized outdoor certifications. Top students are offered internships during Outward Bound Costa Rica's high season. Learn how to apply for this course.

The Outward Bound Way

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Leave your distractions and worries behind. On our surf courses, your life revolves around the tide. We have a variety of surf spots throughout the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, so we can adjust our location to where the conditions are best. From our beach base in Manuel Antonio to campsites at a turtle refuge in Playa Tulin, you will never be far from the beach.

Feel at ease with our experienced surf instructors who have an inside perspective to the best surf breaks and uncrowded beaches. Every course includes at least one bilingual instructor who is a native Spanish speaker:

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