david with bob mctavish....... davids design ........ ....... ...............David designed the Magic Seaweed logo. he was was also nominated for the 2014 East Coast Surfing hall of Fame. in 2014 , Apple computers named david one of the most 30 influential mac users over their 30 year history , calling Carson "a pioneer with profound impact" David was the Art director for SURFER magazine,, and Quiksilver... David is a former Pro tour surfer, who had his own signiture model surfboard, and later worked as an ASP judge. An article in Surfers Journal,about david : ".... David stands on principle, damn the torpedoes...... -Steve Pezman (Surfers Journal) In April 2014, David was awarded the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) highest honor~ the Gold Medal. From Matt Warshaws Encyclopedia of Surfing: David's front yard goes into the sea at Kane Garden Bay. He's the only surfer to ever own,with wife Ola, water front property at the point, where they live. foto rite:: David and KSlater in biarritz..

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