Las Plumerias Lodge and Surf - Nicaragua - is located between Popoyo and El Astillero, close to Sanatana Beach in the main surf zone of Nicaragua. We are Emeline and Etienne owners of the surf lodge. We want to share our experiences of surfing in Nicargua. We organise differents kind of surf trips. Surf guide tours for experts who want to discover the large diversity of waves around. Surf school tours for beginners or those who want to improve ( we are both surf instructors from France). Las Plumerias is an eco-friendly lodge composed of 4 bungalows melting authenticity and modern confort. The life of the surfcamp is following the waves in a friendly athmosphere. We never miss the sunset on the Pacific Ocean sharing some Tona. Feel free to contact us for any informations about your surf trip in Nicaragua...

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