Swell Surf Camp

Swell surf Camp is a new and the only purposely built hotel for surfers in Cabarete. Located at the best location , close to the surf spots, restaurants and bars. We organize surf trips to uncrowded spots, offer quality surf board rentals and lessons if needed. Check out our website at to see why Swell is THE place for surfers in Cabarete.

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Swell Surf Camp
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Swell Surf Camp Cabarete

A brand new hotel is being purpose-built for surfers in the Caribbean. Located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, right in the vibrant surfer-town of Cabarete. After months of planning, drawing and building;

Swell surf camp Cabarete has opened it's doors!

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It has been especially designed with surfers in mind and anyone else who loves to stay in a fun, social place where sport and activities are the focus.
We have taken surf hotel accommodation to a whole new level; still affordable, but now including all modern day comforts like a clean, spacious room with en-suite, AC available, lovely swimming pool, high speed internet and centrally located close to beaches and the town of Cabarete.

Since we at Swell are active surfers, kiters and wind surfers ourselves, we think we have succeeded in designing the ultimate budget boarder place for you to stay on your next surf holiday.

Swell© 2017 - Swell Surf Camp

Swell is the first and only purpose-built surf hotel in the Dominican Republic, providing quality rooms and amenities.But equally important for us, is the social aspect and that's why a large part of our camp is reserved as a great communal area where you can play pool or table tennis if you have any energy left after a day surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing) or maybe just chill by the beautiful pool or take a nap in one of our hammocks. Our pool even features fiber-optic color-change lighting giving the most beautiful effects as you enjoy your meal and beers in the evenings.

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The Camp

Swell Surf Camp Dominican Republic is a brand new accommodation experience for sociable people. We built it because we got tired of 'Surf Camp or Surf Hostel' immediately translating as 'Second-Rate' surf holiday accommodation; you know what we mean - lumpy beds and cold showers! Well, not at Swell.

We have placed the camp in one of the best locations available, just minutes walk from the beach AND the town, eliminating the need to have your own transportation; our surf bus will take you to surf every day as early and as often as you like AND bring you home again.

There's no advantage to staying in the Encuentro area as we can drive you to the break before you could walk there!

Encuentro itself is almost 3 miles outside of the town of Cabarete which has such a great choice of bars and restaurants, it would be a shame not to be able to make the most of them.

Standard Room© 2017 - Swell Surf Camp

Months of designing and tweaking from our award-winning Architects has resulted in a really good looking, usable building. Set inside a courtyard, the accommodation is mostly on the second floor with mountain views. Each room is spacious and tastefully decorated with surfing themes.

Beds, pillows, mattresses and sheets have been specially chosen for their comfort so that even though you might not choose to spend much time sleeping, when you are, it will feel very good.

Swell© 2017 - Swell Surf Camp

Each room has air-conditioning available on request and a ceiling fan as standard. You can choose from either twin rooms, double rooms with full King-sized bed, to a well designed hostel style dorm room with four beds, two of which sit on a mezzanine level.

Our lovely pool is shaded in part by palm trees and you have a choice of sun loungers or huge bean bags to lie around on. If you want a little more activity, play pool on our Brunswick table or ping pong in the shade of the palm trees.

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Girlfriend or partner doesn't surf? No problem at Swell - non-surfers will be comfortable lying around the pool or beach and if boredom sets in, we have Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, etc. right on the doorstep!

At Swell, we can also organize mountain biking, white water rafting, horse riding and many other trips or activities for you to try.

We also have a dart board and a variety of well-known board games to keep you all occupied. God forbid that it should rain, we even have a TV and a DVD movie library to keep us going. We are confident that our place here in the center of Cabarete, Dominican Republic is going to exceed your expectations of what a surf camp holiday can be like!

Surf trip© 2017 - Swell Surf camp

Staying at Swell means having the very best local knowledge and advice on Surfing, Eating, Drinking and if you have energy left to party, we'll show you the best clubs and bars in town.



We are only a few minutes by camp transportation from Encuentro, the Dominican Republic's most consistent surf break. If you are a beginner, there is NO better place in the world to learn to surf. Perfect conditions exist at this beach all year round and the water temperature never drops below 78 F which makes early starts really enjoyable.

No wetsuits required here!

If you are an experienced surfer, Encuentro is also great for you, offering several different peaks. If you are looking to explore the island's other surf spots, our own 'surfaris' will guide experienced surfers to some of our best kept secret spots in our camp transportation.

As airlines make it more and more difficult to carry your surfboard with you on trips abroad, we have bought a large selection of top quality surfboards for hire in the surf hotel.

Small selection of board that are available© 2017 - Swell Cabarete surf camp

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) in Cabarete

A new and exciting form of surfing and Cabarete has really excellent conditions for people of all abilities. Learn the basics inside the bay where the water is flat, or if you are more experienced, enjoy the excellent waves on the reef where it will be just you and maybe 1 or 2 others on the water!

We have the best SUP boards from Naish available for rent.
More info on the boards we have in our surfboard rental pool in Cabarete can be found here>>

Kite surfing

Just a short walk from Swell surf camp is Bozo Beach; a kite-surfer's paradise. Kite Beach and the flat water river mouth of La Boca are also only a very short ride away.

You can choose to learn to kite at Kite Beach or at Bozo, as we are working with two of the best kite I.K.O. schools in these locations. Downwind riding to Encuentro happens most afternoons. Equipment is available to rent from the schools during your stay if you are already a kite-boarder and don't want to bring your own gear.

Swell© 2017 - Swell Surf Camp
Swell© 2017 - Swell Surf Camp
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Surf trips© 2017 - Swell

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