Cafe Playa Negra

Hello! We are the Velardes, Cloe, Maia, Andrea y Carlos, a family of Peruvian surfers who arrived in Playa Negra 1n 2001, searching for the same as you: peace, nature and great waves. We liked it so much we decided to stay! The only thing missing in the area was a good place to eat and drink, were you would also feel at home. So we opened up Cafe Playa Negra, an extension of our home, and a place were you will feel amongst friends. Hope you visit us soon!

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Cafe Playa Negra

About Us

Hello! We are the Velardes, Cloe, Maia, Andrea y Carlos, a family of Peruvian surfers who arrived in Playa Negra 8 years ago searching for the same as you: peace, nature and great waves. We liked it so much we decided to stay!
The only thing missing in the area was a good place to eat and drink, were you'd also feel at home. So we opened up Café Playa Negra, an extension of our home, and a place were you'll feel amongst friends.
Hope you visit us soon.


A rustic and cosy setting with a touch of art wherever you look.

We built this hotel and restaurant by picking up rocks, seashells, wood and plants from various beaches of Costa Rica and by decorating it with arts and crafts from Central and South America. The 6 rooms have high ceilings, fans, and large windows that make them airy and well lit.

They all have a private bathroom and hot water.

Four of the bedrooms have air conditioning.

Outside the rooms there is a large terrace with comfy couches, a place were you could relax, read, hookup to our wi-fi connection, or enjoy an ice cold drink.

It will take you only a 7-minute walk on a dirt road, through a wooded area full of monkeys to reach one of the best beaches in Costa Rica.

Lots of people ask themselves, why is it called Playa Negra? Well, there's a reef of black volcanic stone in the ocean.

The beach itself is of white sand and clear water.

In our surfing and outdoors section you'll find more information on this.


This charming just remodeled Bungalows are located next to the Cafe. Full equipped, with kitchen, bathroom hot water, A/C and wi fi connection.US$ 75 per night. For more info, please send us an e mail.


Our specialty is Peruvian food and the menu offers over 30 plates with the taste of Peru and Costa Rica. Its what we call PURA VIDA FUSION CUISINE.

Now, with all due respect, for all foreigners with some doubts about trying new food, we also got all the international dishes you're used to at home. There's a dish for everyone's taste.

We serve breakfast from 7am to 10am with a wide menu. From pancakes and salads to fruit and your typical gallo pinto and huevos rancheros.

We open for dinner from 6pm to 9pm, were youll be able to taste our world famous Peruvian Ceviche, Dorado a lo Macho, Tuna Teriyaki…and much more.

Every day you'll find a freshly cooked cake and desert to reward yourself after a very active day.
We also do catering.

We're open every day except Tuesday.

Why come to Playa Negra?

First of all, because its beautiful
Its peaceful and safe
The Ocean is warm year round
The water is clear
The waves are constant
We have off shore winds
Prices are budget
It's a hub for other nearby beaches with great waves
People are nice
We've got howling monkeys on the way to the beach
Great Food
Mountain biking
Horse riding
Snorkeling, Yoga and other outdoor activities

Los Pargos is a small and peaceful fishing village (better known as Playa Negra) set in the north of Costa Rica´s Pacific coast. It's a forgotten almost unknown place. It's a a town were houses hide behind trees and monkeys wonder about. Roads aren't paved and most people move around in bikes or motorbikes or even horses.

We have small stores were you would be surprised about what you'll find, from gifts to to sun block to BBQ sauce to good wine. But that's about all the commerce around. If you need a drugstore, gasoline, or an ATM, the nearest ones are in Tamarindo, about a 30-minute drive away.

In places like these, nature and the sun set the pace of life. We live for surfing and for waking up hypnotized by the sound of the ocean. Before the sun reaches its zenith were in the warm clear waters enjoying the great waves.
The wave is considered as one of the best rights in Costa Rica.

When the tide is low, in front of Playa Negra, between sand and reef, delicious tide pools are formed, perfect for lazing around. When the tide rises, bathing becomes harder, which is why some may prefer Sandy Beach, a short walk away, perfect for family fun.

Trees provide natural shade and good places to hang hammocks, and you can also boogie board. It's the best place for learning to surf.
After an intense day in the beach and the waves, a good meal and a cold one the town surrenders to the arms of Morpheus.
Besides surfing, snorkeling and spending the day in the beach you can also take surf classes and yoga, horse ride or take your children to a day care center while you get some great massages in the beach.

When to come to Playa Negra

The summer season starts in November. It rains less, and land winds start blowing sporadically.
From December to May there is no rain and land winds blow till the end of march. Waves are smaller in summer but better longer and perfectly shaped due to the wind.
In March more waves start coming in. Maybe this is the best season for waves which is interrupted in October because of stormy conditions.

Towards the end of June, for around 3 weeks, a natural phenomena called the Veranillo de San Juan, tends to appear, were the land winds blow again. The combination of winds, the lush green forests and the waves result in a magical moment. This is the best time of the year to come.

The only month we don't recommend is October. It rains a lot and conditions in the ocean are stormy. It is a moment locals wait for better conditions in order to surf alone.

Activities around Playa Negra

Deep Sea Fishing
In Tamarindo, 25-minute drive from here, there are several boats that will take you out to fish dorados, mahis and tuna.

You can either rent a basic snorkeling gear or look for your own magical spot in the reefs or take a tour in one of many local operators you'll find in Tamarindo.

Mountain Biking
With endless dirt roads between towns, volcanoes, rivers lakes and sea, this country becomes a paradise for mountain bikers. There are many companies that organize tours and rent bikes.

There's nothing so thrilling as sliding down a 400-meter long cable, advancing from tee to tree. There many places in Costa Rica were you could do this.

2 Hours from Playa Negra
Rincon de la Vieja National Park

We recommend you spend the night there. You can hike around the active volcano, dip into the medicinal mud or relax in the hot springs, steam baths or get a massage.
You can also horse ride to the waterfalls, do canopy tours, ride in the cuadricycle, visit the serpentarium or go down a 500 meter long water slide.

To the south
Two hours south from Negra, there's a beautiful beach called San Juanillo
The road there is surrounded by giant trees and endemic species of birds
Playa Ostinal: to see turtles.

To the North
Playa Cochal: ideal for a dip
Playa Grande: to see turtles

Things to Avoid
Parking your car on the beach with valuable items
Don't eat food in popular parties
Don't walk around with your passport carry a copy instead.
Don't drive fast in towns, you can hit a child or cow