The Morocco Azure Surf Accommodation and Bed and Breakfast offers accommodation and surf holidays to people looking for a more relaxed authentic experience. Located south of Agadir in the small fishing / farming village of Sidi Bibi which has everything to offer from souks, surf spots and amazing terrains of all kinds. Our location unique to those north of Agadir provides a more Moroccan experience of surfing morocco and its adventures.

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Maroc-Azure was started by an English mother and son business partnership eight years ago but was called Morocco Blue Bed and Breakfast until we decided to move location from the more known area of Taghazout to the Tifnit area just 15 minutes south from Agadir Airport.

Local Reef© 2017 - Maroc-Azure

Now run by Hassan Ingram from England Croyde area he is providing a new experience in Morocco and knows exactly what to do on the day with his 12 year surf experience in Morocco.

We provide a relaxed atmosphere and some amazing adventures and services to suit most people, including surf trips and excursions to places like Essouira, Immouzer water falls. We also cater for folk who prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast in morocco and explore alone, if that's the case then we can help you find an inexpensive hire car or show you where to pick up local buses and taxis.

Terrace Tent & Sunbeds.© 2017 - Hassan Ingram

The house has a family atmosphere. From the roof you can enjoy spectacular views of the snow-covered Atlas Mountains towards Marrakesh. We are only minutes away from a variety of beautiful beaches and Sahara like landscapes.

Single Bunk Room© 2017 - Maroc-Azure Surf Accommodation

For you surfers Morocco enjoys some world-class waves and in our locality there is no crowd, just your selection of amazing waves along our coastline.

Local Reef© 2017 - Maroc-Azure Surf Accommodation

We are located just 15 minutes south of Agadir and the Airport and provide a new and affordable experience in Morocco.

Quick Price List
Per Day

Single Bunk Bed with Breakfast
£15 / €18
Double Bed and Breakfast (2 Persons)
£40 / €47
Full Board / Single Bunk Bed
£25 / €30
Full Board / Double Bed (2 Persons)
£50 / €59


Joseph Stapleton

Definitly the best expierence i had Morocco! Great people, unbelievable surf with no crowds and all topped off with an expertly cooked tanjine, mmm..

Hannah Smith:

Spent 3 nights at Maroc-Azure and loved it. Great little roof terrace for sunbathing, deserted local beach, clean throughout and great food - especially the chicken tajine. Located in a non-touristy village you get to see a bit of real Morocco and the local market is an amazing experience. Maroc-Azure is such a wicked little bed and breakfast and is an absolute bargain compared to smelly Taghazout!!

For more information on our surf accommodation and Holiday Morocco check out our website Maroc-Azure