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The coastlines of our Ocean Planet are dynamic regions of enticing beauty and endless variety. From the ancient Polynesians to today's global surf travelers, voyagers exploring the fringes of the Seven Seas have discovered a world of adventure beyond imagination.

WaterWays Surf Adventures brings you the very best of global surf travel. Our fully-inclusive group packages, independent surf camp packages, yacht charters, guided camping tours, and self-drive surf holidays are tailored to deliver the world's best surf, while still providing an exhilarating sense of discovery and personal experience.

Learn to Surf With Waterways

Surfing is one of the most addictive activities on the planet. Once hooked, no matter how far from the ocean one goes, or what other activities one tries to replace it for, there will always be that insatiable urge to get back in the ocean. The sayings, ‘Only a surfer knows the feeling,’ and ‘better than sex’ have spread nearly as far as the sport itself. And if asked if these sayings are true, almost all surfers would say, ‘absolutely.’

Every surfer shares this unique love, yet experiences it in different forms. For some, it is the deep, often spiritual, connection to nature riding waves provides. Others love the excitement, challenge, or adrenalin (and at times fear) of the omnipotent dynamic ocean. Many love the freedom of escaping the stresses of dry land and returning relaxed and rejuvenated. The list can go on and on but the fact remains: surfing is a life changing experience.


Samoa gets waves all year round. The dry season-April through October-coincides with the south swell season. The wet season - November through March - is dominated by North Pacific and SW cyclone swells. Bonus during these months: steady offshore N trade winds. Although with an extremely open swell window, it's possible to get a combination of all these conditions round the calendar. The one constant is power: Samoan surf would have to be rated as challenging, and not for the beginner surfer.


Our current product offers both land based and live-aboard yacht options concentrating on the islands of Tahiti, Moorea and the Tuamotu Atolls and are designed with the sort of accommodations and service that surfers and their companions require.


Surfing's best kept secret? Fiji, and we don't mean Tavarua. Truth is, this magnificent South Sea island chain offers a world of surfing possibilities beyond its most high-profile destination, and it's these more 'other-worldly' locations that we specialize in. Besides, it only takes a look at the globe to understand Fiji's surf potential, which turns its fringing reefs to the brunt of southern swells rolling up from the Roaring Forties to the east of the Australian continent. Year-round surf is a given, but off the main island of Viti Levu the best wind and swell conditions occur between March and November.


Tongan surf is of the hollow reef-pass variety. And we mean variety: over nine breaks lie within walking and paddling distance of Ha'atafu, which is located on the island's northwest coast. Grinding lefts, short, intense right barrels, peaks and long walls-there's no better place to hone your tropical reef break style. This region gets waves year-round, with south swells dominating from March through October, swells generated out of the North Pacific best from November through February.


Imagine sitting on your board off an Indian Ocean atoll, the warm water as blue as silted turquoise, a warm, offshore wind holding up the transparent lip of a six-foot swell that peels right and left down each side of a palm-tufted islet.
This is surfing in the Maldives, whose splendid isolation and clean, manicured Indian Ocean swells make it the perfect destination for the surf traveler who wants to unwind-not get all wound up.

Bali & Lombok

It's been 25 years since the island of Bali became the epicenter of exotic surf adventure; a quarter of a century since those first bold surf pioneers struck out to the north and south of the Indonesian Archipelago, and the fabulous discovery of G-Land, Lagundi Bay, Desert Point and the Mentawais. But you know what? Bali is still magic. Bali, the mystical Island of 1000 Temples-and a thousand waves. The names might be familiar: Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Bingin, Kuta, Sanur. And for good reason-no region in Indonesia has a broader variety of world-class waves, and so easily accessible.

Nusa Tenegra

When it comes to Indonesian surf adventure, anyone who tells you "been there, done that..." probably hasn't been to Timor/Roti or the neighboring islands. This isolated region to the east of Bali has long been spoken of as a rich surf zone, but has seen little of the surf travel development that has pushed up to the north, through Java and Sumatra. Which is our point exactly. East Nusa Tenggara; Timor to Sumba: exotic isles steeped in mystery and culture, and absolutely loaded with surf potential, from high-performance right tubes to left barreling walls as heavy and hollow as you've ever seen.

Australia and New Zealand

If there's any such thing as a surfer's continent, the land Down Under is it. Imagine a country approximately the same size as the United States, but with excellent, rideable surf on at least two-thirds of its coastline. And a largely undeveloped coastline, where lazy two-lane highways wind their way through small coastal towns, national parks and miles of uncrowded beaches.


It's hard to believe that even though Mainland Mexico was one of the first destinations for intrepid traveling U.S. surfers in the 1950s, it remains today as one of the least-explored regions in the known surf world. But with over 2000 miles of lush, tropical Pacific coastline, a wide-open, year-round swell window, and close proximity to both West and East Coast U.S. surf centers, Mexico is the perfect place for a quick getaway-accessible adventure to fit anybody's budget and schedule.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a year round surf destination water with temps in the low 80’s and air temperatures in the mid to high 80’s year round. Do not get discouraged by the rainy season with its afternoon onshore flow of wind. El Salvador has miles of coastline riddled with right points and beach break. The points are so quality, that even with a little wind they still break cleaner then most beach or reef breaks around the world.

Costa Rica

Where surf is concerned Costa Rica has it all. From hollow beachbreaks to wrapping pointbreaks, offshore reefs to rivermouth A-frames, few countries in the world have such a high concentration of quality waves. This fact devalues the stigma that Costa Rica is “too crowded.” Though it does get crowded at some of the more well known waves it is by no means the rule. For every crowded spot there are numerous others, similar in quality, with few takers. The tube hunter and nose rider alike can still find their own piece of Costa Rica heaven with a little local knowledge, or willingness to stray from the pack.


The islands of Bocas are also host to a fantastic mix of surf in a relatively small zone. Short trips via panga boats allow surfers to experience the many reefbreaks and beachbreaks which surround the islands. The best surf months are from December through early April and again in June through July when the cyclones moving north through the Atlantic send pumping swells west the archipelago.

The Mentawai Islands

With the discovery of the incredible surf of the Mentawai Islands off West Sumatra, the search for surfing perfection was over-here it lived in staggering abundance. Islet after islet, flawless reef after flawless reef; sun and blue water, offshore winds and spitting tubes. But then maybe the search isn't over. Maybe it's just begun for you on one of our exclusive Mentawai yacht charters. Although the main season runs March through October, excellent, very uncrowded surf can be found year-round.


PERU -Why isn't Peru, with its rich surfing history, super-consistent surf and wide variety of waves ranging from long lefts points to 30-foot peaks, one of the world's major surf destinations? What do you care-it's there, it's waiting and it's pumping right now. With a wide range of options available for you, Peru should be your next destination.

South Africa

The original home of the perfect wave. And even though it's been almost 40 years since the release of the classic surf documentary The Endless Summer, with its discovery of the flawless, peeling rights of Cape St. Francis on the Eastern Cape, South Africa is still synonymous with exotic surf adventure-and perfect waves.


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Accommodation Surfer friendly places to stay near some great surf spots. Including camp-sites, hostels, hotels, B&Bs and surf lodges. Surf Guide Surf Camp Surf camps can offer a variety of types of accommodation such as apartments, hotels, rooms, camping or dormitories together with food, surf lessons and group activities. Often included are guided surf tours of the best local spots along with surf hire, videos, photography, professional coaching and even some night life. Guided Surf Tours Experienced guides with local knowledge who offer surf trips and tours to the best breaks and secret spots by boat, 4x4 or bus. Boat Trips From luxury yachts to fishing boats, boat trips often include great food, private cabins or shared rooms and are a good, fast way to get to the best hard to reach spots. Boat Charters From captaining you own vessel to joining a group on a boat trip, boat charters can be a good way to get away from the crowds and reach the best spots that are only accessible by boat. Adventure Centre Offering a selection of outdoor activities such as climbing, abseiling, caving, coasteering, rafting or other group activities and sports. Womens These businesses specialise in working with women surfers or women wanting to learn to surf. Food and Drink From restaurants and cafes to night clubs, pubs and bars and everything in between. Watersport Centre Could offer a wide variety of water sports activities from coasteering and sea-kayaking to sailing, wakeboarding, climbing or even power boating, not forgetting surfing, stand up paddle, body boarding tuition and hire.