Grant Twiggy Baker Guest Editor
Big wave charger and passionate South African, Grant 'Twiggy' Baker is sitting in the editor's hot-seat for the week. This week it is 'Africa Week'. "I am obviously stoked to be the first guest editor for MSW and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do something cool and different and I hope everyone enjoys the week ahead."


Feature Consequences in Uncharted Madagascar

Consequences in Uncharted Madagascar

I was the “tour operator” on this doomed expedition with Greg, Fergal Smith and Laurie Towner

Video Uncharted Madagascar Documentary Pilot

Uncharted Madagascar Documentary Pilot

This is the teaser for the Uncharted project, aiming to seek out new waves in unimaginably remote places.

Video The Manifesto: Twig's Predictions

The Manifesto: Twig's Predictions

Grant 'Twig' Baker offers his predictions for the year ahead and provides you with another epic vid.

Feature Robben Island Surf on Mandela's Birthday

Robben Island Surf on Mandela's Birthday

Jordy Smith and co's Robben Island Freedom Day surf celebrating Mandela's 95th year.

Feature J-Bay: How Fine is your Wine?

J-Bay: How Fine is your Wine?

Andy Davis state-of-the-nation at what used to be a World Tour event at J-bay.

Video The Africa Project by Jason Hearn

The Africa Project by Jason Hearn

This African Project video from Jason Hearn is mind-blowing...

Video Mavericks Invitational Releases Invites

Mavericks Invitational Releases Invites

Mavericks Invitational announces list of surfers invited to 2013-14 event and I am fortunate to have been invited

Feature African Photographic Surfari

African Photographic Surfari

A potted-history of African surfing vignettes from the heroes behind the lens.

Feature Chasing Typhoon Soulik in Taiwan

Chasing Typhoon Soulik in Taiwan

Chasing the swell from deadly Typhoon Soulik down the East Coast of Taiwan with Joel Agostino.

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