A dedication to Tom

THIS is a dedication to our beautiful little bro Tom. He lived and breathed surfing. He was travelling Oz and Bali, living his dream, when he was tragically killed on 30th Nov in a motorbike accident. Tom was an amazing guy, such a free-spirit, an inspiration, and someone who touched the heart and soul of anyone who crossed his life's path. He was also a keen and talented photographer and posted many shots on magicseaweed.

His mates called him Tommy Gun as he was always charging the biggest, heaviest waves, whilst they sat out back. Tom would shout "you need to get more inside, what's the matter with you?"

I'm sure wherever he is now it's double overhead and glassy and he's smiling as he pulls into yet another perfect barrel.

We're setting up the 'Catch a Wave Foundation' to continue his positive contribution to life. If you have any memories of Tom you wish to share then you can here:

Thank you for reading, William Clinton

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley