AirDog is the World's First Auto-Follow Surf Drone

Meet the aptly named AirDog, the world's first auto-follow action sports drone. We imagine this aerial hound following you around the lineup will polarise opinion.

Currently it is all a little hush-hush pending official launch, but we gleaned this from the manufacturer:

- It uses a GoPro on a stabilised mount for the footage.
- Tracks the rider using some wearable technology (think Soloshot).
- Takes off and lands on its own so can be used for surfing without being carried on the board.
- Price will be reasonable and attractive.

This little lapdog aims to combine a couple of pre existing technological remote camera functions into a whole new, extremely personal level. Some drones are noisy blighters, hopefully this one isn't, or you'd better be surfing a long way from other people.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley