Another Shark Attack In Galapagos.

Appeal ... Gonzalo Vasquez

Appeal ... Gonzalo Vasquez

A SURFER aged 20-years-old was attacked surfing right in front of town area. The surfer's name is Gonzalo Vasquez, nicknamed "Alegria". This young surfer was the most dedicated of all young local surfers on Isabela Island. He was the first to be in water and last get out. Brother of four from a poor family. The attack happened when he was paddling for next wave. He was brave enough to pull open the sharks jaws from his leg to let go of his right foot. He was then helped by other surfers mostly young local kids. With him were about 12 surfers and one non-local foreign surfer. He almost lost two fingers of one hand (right) when fighting for his foot which he might also lose. Nobody knows exactly what kind of shark was but the bull shark is the most likely candidate.

He is now in Clinica Guayaquil at mainland in intensive care. Bills are piling up (so far $8000) and Gonzalo´s family are very poor. We ask all the surfing community to contribute if possible with him and his family. Gonzalo is one of kids raised by a step mom (his aunt) as his real mom has a mental illness.

In Guayaquil a group of people are gathering funds to help Gonzalo´s family to cover bills. We are also got a new board to make a lottery and raise more funds that way. If you can help us get more people interested in helping Gonzalo and family, please let us know. We will put you directly in contact with Gonzalo´s family and with him. His mom/family cell phone is 59397783297 or If you are here in Ecuador dial 097783297. Or call me 097835794 and I will get you in direct contact with them. He has a good chance to loose his right foo and needs several operations. The family can barely pay to stay in city and Gonzalo needs the helping hand of all surfers.

Other attacks have been occurring in the Galapagos at Isla San Cristobal but luckily not yet any that are fatal. It seems that bull sharks may be getting more aggressive.