Ben Skinner, Alan Stokes and Tom Butler take Joe Way banner around the globe

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A BANNER carrying the message of Newquay toddler Joe Way has travelled over 160,000 km around the world
The banner of Joe Way – described by many in the medical profession as a “miracle boy” after surviving a host of life threatening conditions before he passed away in May 2008 – has been taken by friends, well wishers and people who have come across Joe’s story on the web.

Matt Way explained “after Joe died we wanted to celebrate his life and tell his story to inspire people with a small team of four of us his story has been read all over the world, his facebook group has over 2500 people and the banner which was a way for people to help get the web address to new people has travelled over 160,000km”.

With so many amazing photo’s with Joe’s banner its hard to pick out a favourite from New York cops to family friends at the Berlin wall one of Matt’s favourites is surfing legend Nat Young with Ben skinner in Japan and one of Claries is a group of Japanese school children who where told about Joe’s story during a class.

Joe’s website has inspired people from all over the world to raise over £58,000 for the Precious Lives Appeal since June 2008. And another annual event the Joe Way paddle for life raised £7,000 for 13 charities’s and will be the main event every year to celebrate Joe’s life and is open to any charity.
The banner with the paddle logo which has come back from India is spending Christmas in Bali and Australia. The banner with the Precious Lives logo on is on its way to Austria.

Have a look at the map and photo’s on location at **{http://www.joeway.info/map|www.joeway.info/map} **
For more information on Joe Way or to donate, visit his website at **{http://www.joeway.co.uk|www.joeway.co.uk}**

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