Ben Skinner supports the Joe Way Paddle for life

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Ben Skinner supports the Joe Way Paddle for life © 2014 www.joeway.co.uk

The Joe Way Paddle for Life is a charity event focused on raising awareness of Joe Way’s story and inspiring people to raise money for any registered charity they want.

The original Paddle for Life started after lifeguards from Fistral Beach held a Joe Way memorial paddle to raise money for the Precious Lives appeal in 2008. 

Joe is the inspirational little boy who died in May 2008 and the website about his story has touched people’s lives around the country and beyond.  Claire Way Joe’s mum said “his story of hope and fighting against all the odds with a cheeky smile has made what could have been the worse of times the best of times”.

Ben Richards learning to surf fron Ben Skinner © 2014 Scott Dickinson

The aim is to raise awareness of Joe’s story and inspire people to raise money for their chosen charity, to promote the paddle as a community event for people of all abilities and within five years to have 50 paddles and to raise £50,000 for various charities.

Joe’s website has already raised over £51,000.00 for the Precious Lives Appeal to help build the only children’s hospice in Cornwall and this amount has been raised in just over 12 months since the website launched.

Precious Lives have already raised £2.6 million of the £5 million needed to build the hospice and the building work will start in 2010. Cornwall needs this facility so be inspired.

The Newquay Joe Way paddle for life event will be held on the 3rd of September from Newquay harbor and is aimed at all levels and ages you can enter a team or as an individual.

Ben Richards signing the concept board © 2014 www.joeway.co.uk

The rules are that you must paddle some sort of craft or board between two points (which don’t have to be fixed) and raise a minimum of £25 for any registered charity.  If you would like to enter a new distance or idea just contact the web site and they will add it to the on line form linked to the event you are attending or holding. 

How can you get involved?
There are several ways to get involved:  Make a donation to our chosen charity through our web site or your own chosen charity.

2.If you can paddle, you can participate in the event, attend events or sponsor friends.

3.You can also become a corporate sponsor and corporate friend of Joe see the corporate friend’s page as well as making a donation or provide auction prizes.

4.We have Paddles in London, Devon, Chichester and France so look out for details as they go on line and sign up for our news letter.

Star of ITV’s “The Bill” Ben Richards and long board champion Ben “Skindog” Skinner took to the waves to launch the “Joe Way Paddle for Life”.  Ben Richards enjoyed some surf lessons from Europe’s finest and the duo signed one of Skin dog’s concept boards which is a one off never to be made again display board.

“This board was made through our research and development of our new Carbon Rail Technology. We used the highest end materials to make the lightest most high performance board I have ever seen. It is like an F1 racing car. Not made for durability, and was purely made to see how light we could go that turned into a piece of art. When you pick this board up, you will not believe the weight of it. It’s definitely a one off board that is for the wall, and we are glad to see it go to such a worthy cause”

Sophie Skinner helping Joe's sister Megan Way © 2014 Claire Way

Ben Richards has donated a copy of a script from “The BILL” signed by the cast. To be in with a chance to win these prizes you can enter the draw by registering on the paddle site lucky draw and donating £10 don’t miss this opportunity to own this display board and a signed script from ITV’s “The BILL”.

Ben Richards and his friend Rob where standing up by lunch time learning in rough Watergate conditions under the watchful eye of Ben and Sophie Skinner.

The Skindog surf school based at Watergate provided everything the guys needed and the teaching from the Skinner duo was world class.

Ben Richards said “what an amazing day being taught by two great professionals and to be able to surf a wave to the beach standing up by lunch was amazing, a big thank you to Ben and Sophie Skinner and the Skindog surf school providing a personnel touch from the worlds best” 

The Way family and Scott (team Joe media designer) came down to watch and get some photos and video for the website.

Matt said “I’m a long boarder so to hang out with Ben and Sophie was great, the guys did really well in the conditions and we have some great video and photos. It was great to see these two smiling but tired faces after a real Watergate workout”

After a day of surfing everyone went back to the Phoenix Pub and Skindog surf school for a drink and the two Bens signed the one off concept long board donated by Skindog surf boards.

Ben Richards added “to get involved in the Joe Way Paddle for life has been great it’s aimed at local charities and beyond and will make a real difference. Joe touched people’s lives when he was alive and his legacy will continue to touch people in a very special way”.

To see how you can be part of the Joe Way Paddle for life go to www.joeway.co.uk and click on the paddle logo

Log on and sign up for our news letter on the paddle page
Matt Way               info@joeway.co.uk     07761079454
Ben Richards (agent)        tn@cam.co.uk         020 7292 0600
Ben Skinner             benskindog@yahoo.com   07817067098

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