C-Skins sign Kieren Perrow

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Kieren Perrow joins C-SKINS Wetsuits
16th July 2010

KP Winter Testing

KP Winter Testing

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C-SKINS Wetsuits is proud to announce the signing of Kieren Perrow in an exclusive deal that will see the Australian superstar wearing C-SKINS Wetsuits well into the future.
Perrow is labelled as a big wave charger and sits perfectly into the C-SKINS no nonsense approach to wetsuit design and performance.

The regular-footer is known for more than just his competitive skill (2 x top 10 finishes amongst the elite back in 2002 & 2003), K.P. is also known for globetrotting in search of new waves and has definitely found success in that department. Perrow and friends put Tasmanian death-slab Shipsterns Bluff on the map a few years back, so look for Perrow to do some damage at the heavier locations on tour by combining his competitive ability and his hard-charging nature.

The modest down to earth Australian is about to embark on his sixth year on the ASP Dream Tour.
For KP the decision to align with a fresh new wetsuit company that manufactures world class wetsuits was a no brainer. After penning the 2 year deal Kieren remarked that he is looking forward to riding for C-SKINS Wetsuits and to the enhanced performance gains that will be achieved by wearing wetsuits from a company that's core focus is surfing wetsuits. C-SKINS is a young, innovative wetsuit company that's setting a new benchmark of performance orientated purely to the surfer.

KP has and is set to further influence the sport of surfing as a major competitor and an influential figure within the Australian and worldwide surf scene both in and out of the water.

C-SKINS have said that "KP's talent and popularity is unquestioned. We are stoked to align ourselves with such a great talent and we look forward to making KP a key player in our International Team"
KP wants to get the most out of his equipment and wetsuits are a key part of it. "KP's ability to relay feedback on our wetsuits and test our product will also help keep C-SKINS at the forefront of wetsuit design and as the wetsuit of choice for core surfers".

About C-SKINS Wetsuits:
C-SKINS specialise in manufacturing quality wetsuits and neoprene products for the core surfer. All C-SKINS products are designed to enhance the surfing experience through design excellence, performance and durability.