Carpark Stories

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If Jack Kerouac surfed he would have chewed his beatnik leg off to get on this trip. Desert Point to Shipstern and everything in between.

Unfamiliar surroundings give way to warm waves and la la land tubes in this full length edit by Toby Cregan featuring: Brett Burcher, Matt King, Scott Dennis, Creed Mctaggart, Duncan Mcnicol, Elliot Marshall, Kelly Slater, Russell Bierke, Mark Mathews, Pama Davies and Alex Gray.

"This movie came about through a mutual interest from Toby [Creagan] and myself." Said Brett Burcher "We had worked on a few small projects together, but decided to collect footage over a year and make a movie instead. We felt like a movie with quality waves throughout hadn't been available for a while and that was our main goal. Showcase good waves that people would want to watch and hopefully get the audience keen to surf."