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Challenging conditions with modest WNW swell to open things on the first day with tricky local winds.

Thursday 3rd Oct

Easing WNW swell and onshore winds.

As Wednesday’s swell eases it drops in both size and period. This means less power finds it’s way round to Carcavelos as the NW swell wraps in around Cascais. We’re left about 3-4ft@11seconds of swell, enough for waves in the head high range on the better sets but in a fresh SW wind set to disrupt things right through the day. On the west facing beaches the surf will be much larger perhaps head and a half in the morning but with the same disruptive winds unfortunately onshore at both locations.

Thursday 3rd October © 2014 MSW Nearshore Model

Friday 4th October

Wind eases and so does the swell

The remnants of yesterdays swell has too much north to show much at Carcavelos but a modest local wind swell will provide weak waves in the chest high range with lighter winds dropping in size all day. The remaining NW swell running in combination will mean bigger, more powerful conditions on west facing breaks and peaks from those two swells in combination.

Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th October

Very modest NW swell and northerly winds

With the only real swell in the water a very modest wind swell running from the NW conditions will be tiny at Carcavelos and still small on the west facing beaches. Added to that we have an increasing northerly wind which will do the west facing breaks no favours.

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