Celebrating Sail Shipped Cargo in Falmouth

The world’s only trans-Atlantic, engine-less cargo vessel, Tres Hombres, will arrive in Falmouth on 16th April 2014 as part of its fifth consecutive journey from Europe to the Caribbean and back.

Trading in the finest ethical products all along her route, Tres Hombres is leading the way towards reviving an industry in shipping goods under sail. This beautiful brigantine, the first of the Fairtransport Shipping fleet, set sail from Holland on 18th of October 2013, calling in to Norway, France, Portugal and the Canaries on her way to Brazil and the Caribbean, and returning via Bermuda, the Azores and England before the last leg to her home port in the Netherlands. Parts of the fascinating voyage are set to feature in a BBC documentary next year.

Her belly is filled to the brim with rum and cocoa (the raw ingredients of Tres Hombres Rum and Tres Hombres Chocolate), coffee, molasses, wine and Grenada Chocolate Co. chocolate bars to be delivered for sale in Europe. On board this year Tres Hombres was joined by representatives of New Dawn Traders and working together, the two companies are researching new trade opportunities. On this voyage they picked up samples of Norwegian Stock Fisk, Portuguese olive oil, and Amazonian nut and fruit oils and butters. There is also a barrel of rum to be unloaded in Falmouth and bottled locally as the first UK fair transport New Dawn Rum.

Join the crew to celebrate this exceptional ship, her cargo of delicacies and the adventures she's had at sea. In a series of events you can learn more about the renaissance in sail-shipped cargo through talks, films, performances, tastings, and general revelry.

Meet and make merry with the magnificent crew that is visioning the future of fair transport in the UK (full details below).


Wednesday16th at 4pm: Custom Quay House

Welcome Tres Hombres with singing, performance and the loading of rum from boat to horse and cart.

Wendesday 16th at 7pm: Watersports Centre

Meet the movers and shakers creating a new paradigm for ethical food and trade. Including: Captain Arjen van der Veen, founder of Fair Transport Shipping and Tres Hombres Ship, Caroline Bennett, from Slow Fish Network, Cornish Fisherman Chris Bean local representative of the Slow Fish Network, Caro Warwick-Evans, The The Cornish Seaweed Company, Andy Whiteford, founder of local initiative Sail Trade, Emily Penn, Pangaea Explorations & EXXpedition, Lucy Gilliam and Alexandra Geldenhuys, co-founders of New Dawn Traders.

Thursday 17th at 8pm: The Poly

Film screening co-hosted with Cafe Scientifique of "Ready About: Return of the Windjammer" plus Q&A with the Captain. Click here for further info and tickets.

Thursday 17th 9pm: Dolly's Bar

Join the ship's crew and collaborators in a rum and chocolate tasting at Dolly's Bar.

Friday 18th at 10am: Falmouth Aquarium

Join Caroline Bennett of Slow Fish for workshops around the concepts of sustainable fishing with 'live encounters' for all the family! Directions here.

Saturday 19th, 8pm till late: The Fish Factory

Trawl for your brightest threads, rehearse your bounciest booty bumps and join the Apocalypso Party at The Fish Factory. As a culmination of the week's events we will be launching the very first UK fair transport New Dawn Rum, alongside expert crafted cocktails created especially for us by Jack from The Ethicurean and Thom of 7th Rise... No excuses now.