Cornish Shapers Show Off Their Green Fingers To Create Surfboard Art For Sas

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There’s only a month to go now until the unique SAS surfboard art collection Drawing Boards goes under the hammer at Bonhams.

Key to the project has been the craftsmanship of St Agnes based surfboard shapers Laminations.

These green-fingered shapers have been instrumental in creating the collection. Working with well-respected local shapers meant that SAS could ensure the highest quality finish on each and every one of the works. Laminations pride themselves in their craftsmanship and produce only the highest quality surfboards. Their hugely experienced and skilled craftsmen worked tirelessly in advising on all the Drawing Boards artworks, shaping the blanks for the project, glassing, polishing and finishing each of the 14 surfboards.

Stevie Croft of Laminations says, “Working with more sustainable materials has been just as easy as working with their toxic counterparts. They behave well throughout the manufacturing process and give excellent performance in the water.  It’s also a great bonus for us not to be handling such toxic and polluting materials and, as can be seen with the drawing boards collections, these low impact materials produce a beautiful surfboard.”

SAS has ensured that all the surfboards used in the collection have the smallest environmental impact possible. Each board has been made with Biofoam and glassed in Eco-comp UV Resins.  These Biofoam blanks and Eco resins cost the same as their 100% petro-chemicals counterparts, but these boards consist of more than 50% organic material.  And, weight for weight they are proving stronger than traditional surfboards.

The directors of Bonhams were so impressed with Surfers Against Sewage Drawing Boards collection that they decided to move the artworks to feature as centrepiece of their Urban Art auction on Thursday, 23rd October. The boards will displayed at Bonhams’ New Bond Street gallery for the event and images of the collection will be used on auction invitations and as part of Bonhams’ publicity - a move that will help raise valuable awareness for SAS campaigns and attract the very best international bidders.

Surfing’s long-standing association with counter-culture movements such as urban art, along with the inclusion of leading street artists Nick Walker, Beejoir, Pure Evil and Eine, means the collection is perfectly placed to feature in perhaps the UK’s most eagerly anticipated urban art sales of the year.

SAS Executive Director, Hugo Tagholm says: “We are delighted that the Drawing Boards collection has its roots in the emerging environmentally friendly surfboard manufacture base that has its home in Cornwall. We’re all eagerly anticipating the Urban Art Auction. Having this increased profile should not only help us achieve the very best fundraising goal but should also help attract new supporters and members to our ongoing campaign to keep the oceans clean.’


For further information please contact Hugo Tagholm on Tel: 01872 555953 or Mob: 07711767548. hugo@sas.org.uk

To speak with Laminations please contact Tel: 01872 553918

Notes for editors:

The Drawing Boards website - www.sasdrawingboards.co.uk

Laminations www.laminations.co.uk For shaping, glassing and finishing of the surfboards

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is a UK-based non profit-making organisation campaigning for clean, safe recreational waters, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, marine litter and nuclear waste. For further information on Surfers Against Sewage campaigns please visit www.sas.org.uk

The full list of artists supporting the project is as follows:

David Carson
Tracey Emin
Pure Evil
Kurt Jackson
Annie Kevans
Mau Mau
Sir Paul McCartney
Polly Morgan
Conrad Shawcross
Gavin Turk
Nick Walker
Jonathan Yeo

Artist information:


Beejoir is one of the most celebrated street artists to come out of the urban art scene. His work often focuses on world events, history, philosophy, and politics and this trademark social commentary has been applied to walls all over the World. Beejoir regularly uses montage, juxtaposing two very different images to question the world around us, including subjects like the motivation for war and society’s rampant consumerism.


David Carson

DAVID CARSON graduated from San Diego State University, where he

received a BFA degree in sociology.

Carson designed Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboard-

ing, Surfer, Beach Culture, and Ray Gun magazines. Newsweek magazine said

of Carson “He changed the public face of graphic design”, London-based Creative Review magazine dubbed Carson “Art Director of the

Era.” His work on Beach Culture magazine won “Best Overall Design”

and “Cover of the Year” from the Society of Publication Designers in New

York. Carson lectures extensively throughout the world, and in the past few years, he has branched out into film and television, directing commercials and videos.

David is featured in both “The History of Graphic Design” by Phillip Meggs, as well as “The Encylopedia of Surfing” by Matt Warsaw. His work continues to be subjective and driven by intuition. David now divides his time between his Zurich, Switzerland studio and his West Indies home, on the point at Kane Garden Bay.



Eine is a prolific street artist based in London, UK and is famous for his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in London’s East End. Eine’s work has been shown at various art fairs including the 20/21 British Art Fair and the London Art Fair. He was featured in an article in Time Out magazine as one of the six best new street artists working in the capital.


Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is one of the UK’s most celebrated and notorious artists to emerge from the so-called “Young British Artists” scene. Renowned for her readiness to share details of her personal life in her work, Emin’s perhaps most controversial and well-know piece, My Bed, was shown at the Turner Prize exhibition in 1999.

Pure Evil

In 1990 artist Pure Evil left the Poll Tax Riots of London behind and went to live in California where he spent 10 years ingesting weapons grade psychedelics, thinking about stuff, making electronic music and printing t-shirts.

Inspired by skateboard culture and the west coast character graffiti of Twist, he returned to London and inexplicably picked up a spray can and started painting weird fanged vampire bunnies everywhere.


Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson is one of the leading British Artists. His work embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media, large canvases, and relief work.

Kurt Jackson’s paintings are fluent, dynamic and exciting, resulting from a working method that is both challenging and intense. He is undoubtedly most famous for his plein air paintings of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. However his painting continues to take him abroad and further afield.

Kurt Jackson has worked with a number of charities, raising money and awareness about their work, they include: Survival International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, VSO, Water Aid, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust.


Annie Kevans

In her first series of paintings, ‘Boys’, Annie recreated tyrants and dictators as wide-eyed toddlers.  Her second series, ‘Girls’, questioned our collusion in the deification and commodification of girls such as Britney Spears and Shirley Temple and looked at the continuing media-led sexualisation of childhood.  The process of self invention, innocence and culpability touches both series differently.  ‘Boys’ was bought by Charles Saatchi from Annie’s graduation show from Central St Martin’s and will be shown in ‘The Power of Paper’ in the new Saatchi Gallery.  Annie was a finalist in the Jerwood Drawing Prize and a finalist in the ‘Women of the Future’ Awards.  Her work has appeared on ‘Have I Got News for You’ and on BBC1 news.


Mau Mau

Mau Mau has spray painted his way around the world - his artwork appearing on everything from shipwrecks to surfboards to billboards to city walls. Part of the Souled Out Studios collective, his art meshes social and environmental commentary - bitterly topical with a tongue-in-cheek sweetener.

Before making the transition to canvass Mau Mau gained a cult following through designs for Greenpeace, Surfers Against Sewage and clothing labels Sewerside and THTC. Roots planted in the surf and country vibes of the North Devon coast, Mau Mau has caught his fair share of dirty waves over the years…


Sir Paul McCartney

Member of The Beatles, international superstar……need we say any more.


Polly Morgan

Polly Morgan is British and lives and works in London. She was born in 1980 and began working as an artist in October 2005. A love of animals and a desire to preserve them led her to learn taxidermy, under the tutelage of taxidermist George Jamieson. Since then she has gravitated towards making still lives with animal as subject.

Her intention has never been to mimic the natural habitats of animals, as they are traditionally displayed, but to place them in less expected scenery. The scale and settings are often unnatural, but the animals are never anthropomorphised. Seeing them out of place encourages us to look at them as if for the first time: a rat sheds its association with horror and disease and can be rightly viewed as a beautiful animal.

All taxidermied animals used by Polly Morgan are either road casualties or have been donated to the artist by pet owners and vets after natural or unpreventable deaths.


Conrad Shawcross

Often using subjects which lie on the border of science and philosophy, Conrad Shawcross’s structural and often mechanical sculptures, question empirical, ontological and philosophical systems ubiquitious within our lives. While at first appearing rational and functional, his often complex mechanised systems in the end deny all rational function and so the viewer is forced down philosophical and metaphysical avenues to deduce a ‘rasion d’etre’. From early works such as The Nervous System, 2002 - a monumental spinning machine that endlessly weaves a length of coloured rope into the form of a double helix, the shape of DNA - to his recent giant spiral work Continuum, 2004, the artist has attempted to visualize, among other things, the incomprehensible of human concerns, time.

Taken from www.victoria-miro.com

Gavin Turk

Gavin Turk came to prominence in the 1990’s as one of Britain’s infamous “Young British Artists” and his art was included in 1997’s hugely popular Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy alongside Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and the Chapman brothers. Much of his work focuses deals with the cult of personality and the construction of artistic myth.


Nick Walker

In 1992 Nick Walker began to combine stencils with his freehand work which allowed him to contrast almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles.

Stencils introduce an impact element to his work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow him to take an image from anywhere - dissect any part of life - and recreate it on any surface.

Nick adds an element of humor or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the walls.


Jonathan Yeo

One of Britain’s best portrait painters Yeo is, extraordinarily, almost entirely self-taught. A period of serious illness whilst he was studying for a degree in literature and film encouraged him to follow his natural love of painting. He taught himself the old fashioned way by studying and imitating the styles and methods of any artist that interested him. In this way he progressed through the twentieth century, rendering everything from still lives, landscapes and nudes in a variety of styles, from cubist, to surrealist. Living beside the old Tate on Millbank helped and Yeo would often start his days looking at works that grabbed his attention.


Photos © Alex Sudea

Stevie from laminations showing off his Green Fingers © 2014 SAS

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