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Posted: 23. 09. 08

Location: Hossegor, France

There's plenty of Atlantic power on this stretch of coast. For walkers, the gravelly sand has been famous for hundreds of years for its foot massaging properties. For surfers, if you fall on the Sunset-style peaky rights you can expect an extra deep full- © 2014 Joli/WPS

The sun doesn't set until 9:00pm. So, even on a big night -- like catching Tony Hawk with 10000 Kronenbourgs and 10000 of your closest friends -- you can still feel like you got home at a decent hour. © 2014 Joli/WPS


Not many know this place as well as Mr Flores, but his shoredump smackdowns were still not enough to take down the immovable object Rodrigo Dornelles in Round Three © 2014 Joli/WPS


When a steep offshore chasm meets a shallow sandbar, you can expect a lot of water to be moving around. Invisible rips, currents, whirlpools and liquid vacuums added an extra degree of difficulty during the Smith Vs Reynolds clash. It didn't seem to phase © 2014 Joli/WPS


This week the carparks in Seignosse are a happy mess of Hungarians in camper vans, party rubbish, and zonked out spectators. © 2014 Joli/WPS


Tahitian Michel Bourez has spent no shortage of time on the Silver Coast and his knowledge of this stretch of ocean has proven unbeatable against now former title contenders Parko and Durbo. © 2014 Joli/WPS


It's common knowledge the Scandinavians settled the Cote d' Argent 1500 years ago, though no one is sure they got their 200-man giant-oared Viking Ships safely past the shore break. © 2014 Joli/WPS

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